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Most secure, reliable, interoperable and cost-effective video conferencing solution

When looking at a video conferencing solution for an organisation there are a few key factors that one needs to consider, such as ease of use, security, reliability, interoperability, and affordability.

Ease of use

Starleaf delivers an end-to-end organisational solution with enterprise grade ease of use.

Starleaf comes with a dedicated always-on room system for meeting rooms, which are not like perceived low cost computer-based setups, which often have many downfalls and land up costing more in the long run. These setups are also not always secure and reliable or easy to use.

Instead, Starleaf offers a dedicated, always connected system equipped with a main unit known as a codec or endpoint, a 7-inch touch panel controller, camera options, microphones, and added services under one umbrella – all from a single manufacturer.

Starleaf hardware allows full control and one-touch joining of meetings function via a press of a button on the 7-inch touch panel controller, which comes standard with all Starleaf room systems.

The solution not only provides for dedicated room hardware, but also includes an unlimited amount of software clients for your entire organisation for PC, Mac, Android and IOS to provide a complete UC solution with voice, chat, video and sharing of data and files for your company and all its staff and guests.

No matter how many rooms or offices are dispersed across the country or globe, every element of a Starleaf solution can be managed and controlled remotely from a single management interface.

Security and reliability

Starleaf is the world’s only video conferencing vendor with a 99.999% guaranteed uptime SLA, which means customers would only ever experience a maximum possible downtime of just over 5 minutes a year. This is possible due to Starleaf owning, managing and staffing its 16 global data centres with true redundancy and reliability and owning the platform and hosted services.

To add to this Starleaf provides a 24/5 live support service whereby a Starleaf engineer is available to provide instant video support by simply going to the 7-inch touch panel controllers phone book and making a support video call.

This, included with a 3- or 5-year hardware on-site swap out warranty service with a brand-new component, is a very high-end support service to our customers versus the competition, which normally includes a standard carry-in service warranty or a mandatory chargeable repair warranty separately. In some cases just the chargeable warranty is more than a complete Starleaf bundled option.

In terms of security, Starleaf takes this very seriously, with over 14 million automated daily health checks and audits and is the only vendor with the well respected and renowned ISO27001 security certification. Essentially meaning that the Starleaf solution is totally security cleared.


Starleaf is a professional protocol open based platform which speaks to all other professional video conferencing hardware and software brands (H.323/SIP) and Skype for business as standard from the Starleaf hardware room systems, web browser or directly from the Starleaf apps, which act as independent clients.

One doesn’t need to dial into a virtual meeting/waiting room or register to a meeting room system for interoperability, but rather acts independently and can make a direct video or audio call to other vendors, PSTN calling or Skype for business directly from the software client or hardware room system.

We also give the client the option of inviting an unlimited number of guests to join a Starleaf meeting, which is included with the Starleaf bundle and services, should their clients or suppliers not have a video conferencing platform to meet on the fly.

Starleaf also has full integration with software like Microsoft teams and Slack whereby you can create and join meetings directly from your chat workflow for a professional video conference call. Also, one can purchase an additional Starleaf license to shedule a Starleaf meeting directly from Outlook, Office 365 or Google suite via plugins and never leave your favourite calendar for setting up meetings.


Starleaf offers a very affordable bundled solution which includes all video conferencing hardware for the meeting room, software for the entire company’s staff compliment and unlimited guest invites and services for group meetings and a full management platform all under one management interface.

Essentially, it’s an out of the box and ready to go solution which is plug and play and just works, every time!

This is a far better solution than just equipping a single boardroom, as with the Starleaf bundle you are essentially providing a company wide solution.

Starleaf’s value proposition is an easy to use complete solution which requires no IT training or support and won’t break the bank. It allows you to talk to anyone, anywhere and anytime from a single provider with a single point of contact for support.


Get your free demo of the Starleaf solution by contacting Dynamic Communications the sole distributor of Starleaf for the African continent @ +27 87 135 0687 or [email protected].

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Most secure, reliable, interoperable and cost-effective video conferencing solution