Adam DeVine tags a tiger shark and more Shark Week antics

Every year the Discovery Channel finds new ways to make Shark Week more fun than the year before. This time actor and comedian Adam DeVine (Workaholics, Modern Family) is taking to the waters to tag a tiger shark and more. 

He’s not the only celebrity the channel’s paired up with. Guy Fieri and Shaquille O’Neal are also in the line-up. Deep dive into Shark Week on DStv Now:

Shaq does Shark Week

Shaquille o’Neal trains with ex-Navy and Marine comedian Rob Riggle to help him overcome his fear of sharks. Stream it » 

Alien Sharks Great Hits

Revisiting the most thrilling discoveries of rare and unique sharks around the world, with brand-new footage of strange sightings, including a two-headed shark. Stream it » 

A tasseled wobbegong shark. Credit: Shutterstock.

Great White Shark Babies

Dr Morico Hoyos teams up with Michelle Jewell and Toby Daly-Engel to solve a mystery: where do the pregnant Great White Sharks of Guadalupe have their pups? Stream it » 

Guy Fieri’s Feeding Frenzy

Foodie Guy Fieri and his son Hunter head to the Bahamas to experience local cuisine and explore what makes the waters around them the perfect buffet for a variety of shark species. Stream it » 

Return of the Mega Shark

Experts Jeff Curr and Andy Casagrande go to New Zealand to search for Great White Sharks. They revisit the most exciting discoveries from the past to help in their search. Stream it » 

Tiger Shark Invasion

Researchers travel to the Galapagos Islands to observe and document how tiger sharks have reset one of the world’s oldest marine ecosystems. Stream it » 

Spawn of Jaws: Bloodline

Over 40 years ago, Great White Sharks off Long Island led to the legend of Jaws, but they have since vanished. Dr Craig O’Donnell believes the bloodline still lives. Stream it » 

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Adam DeVine tags a tiger shark and more Shark Week antics