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Ready, reset, start over on your printer

By Cheryl Otstott

Have you ever just wanted to start over? With your printer you just might be able to start over. Let’s say your Xerox printer is moving to a new location or a new group and you want to reset the machine, erasing all the settings and information stored on the printer, there is a way to do that reset on most devices.

You can reset the machine to the factory defaults and start all over. The process of setting the machine back to the factory defaults makes the machine like it was when you first took it out of the box, okay so it is used but most settings will be back to the factory defaults as though it was new.

Most Xerox printers and multifunction devices provide this option and if the instructions are not in the Online support for your product. If you do not find the instructions then give the support centre a call and they can either walk you through the process or let you know if resetting requires a technician.

Obviously, this is an optional process and may not need to be done, but if you need to clear the machine to send it on to another owner or department this is an option. In rare cases the reset may be suggested for machine issues. To find the instructions to reset the machine please go to the support site for your machine and search on “reset” or “factory defaults”.

Resetting will return the many stored parameters to the factory default values.  In most causes the print counts and the firmware serial number will not be affected by the reset.

Warning: All or most user and system settings will be lost.  All jobs, presets, Apps (if applicable), and device settings are reset. If the printer includes a hard disk, the disk is reinitialized.

We recommend that you print out a configuration report or Systems setting report prior to resetting so that you can use the report as reference to restore the printer settings you wish to set up again. Please search on “configuration” or “settings report” in the online support section for your machine for the instructions for printing the report.

If you have any questions about this process as always please contact us at the support centre.

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Ready, reset, start over on your printer