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When looking to build a strong financial portfolio for your and your family’s future, it is worth considering the stock market as a means of diversifying your investments.

Online trading is one of the most effective ways of making money, and many people make a lucrative living purely off investing in shares.

One of the largest barriers of entry into the stock market is the need to manage your entire portfolio and make all trades through brokers – which can be inconvenient, and often costs a sizeable percentage of your earnings.

Mexem makes online trading easy

Mexem is an online trading platform that gives you an easy way to trade your stocks quickly and simply without needing to use a broker.

It functions as an introductory broker of sorts for the largest trading platform in the US – Interactive Brokers – meaning that you can rest assured that it is the right platform to do all your trading.

Using Mexem also means that you don’t need to consistently call a broker when you want to buy or sell shares. Instead, you can do it all yourself through their simple online trading platform.

While this saves you lots of time, an even better benefit may be that Mexem can save you significant amounts of money when compared to other broker solutions.

Compared to other online trading platforms in South Africa, Mexem’s commission structure stands out as one that will save South Africans lots of money.

The table below proves this.

Trading fees across various platforms for retail clients trading in the US market
Platform Commission per trade Minimum commission (USD)
FNB 0.35% of value 20
Old Mutual 0.35% of value 20
ABSA 0.25% of value 20
Standard Bank $6c per share 20
Sanlam $3c per share 20
Saxo $2c per share 15
Mexem (clients with <USD 5000) $3c per share 3.5
Mexem (clients with >USD 5000) $1c per share 1

Mexem also doesn’t charge any management fees – again helping it to stand out against other trading platforms.

When it comes to online trading, every cent you save is ultimately an increase to your investment earnings – making Mexem the obvious choice for current and prospective South African investors.

Try out their impressive platform today and start making money.

This article was published in partnership with Mexem.

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Mexem – Online trading made simple