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Content Marketing versus PR

Content marketing is showing tremendous growth thanks to its power to enhance customer engagement, increase brand awareness, and create qualified leads.

While content marketing has been around for decades, the Internet and social media have propelled its popularity to new highs.

Using online tools like sponsored content, blogs, videos, and social media posts, companies can build their brand, engage directly with customers, and create strong leads.

It is therefore no surprise that content marketing now makes up a large part of many successful companies’ marketing mix.

Content Marketing versus PR

The growth of content marketing also raises an important question: How does content marketing differ from public relations (PR), and where should you allocate your budget?

PR and content marketing are closely related as they both communicate a company’s messages to the public and potential customers.

There are big differences on when and how this communication takes place, however, and who has control over the message.

PR is typically used to communicate a big announcement or special event to the market using press releases and social media posts.

Content marketing is a continual flow of content with interesting, insightful, and educational content which is directly aimed at your customers.

A big benefit of content marketing is that a company has full control over the content which is published. This is not possible through PR press releases as publications decide on what to publish.

Cost, reach, and success measurement

There are also big differences between PR and content marketing when it comes to cost, reach, and success measurement.

Content marketing offers companies a far more affordable option to reach the market than a PR agency – which can be very expensive.

There is also a big difference in who is reached. PR press releases are general-focus as they must cater for a wide audience, while content marketing offers highly-targeted content aimed at specific market segments.

Success measurement is another huge difference between PR and content marketing.

To measure the success of a PR campaign, the number of media placements, press mentions, and social media posts are considered.

With content marketing, referral website traffic, backlinks, engagements, and conversions are tracked.

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To make it easy for you decide which option is right for you and where you should spend your marketing budget, here is a breakdown of content marketing versus PR.

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Content Marketing versus PR