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Mind the Speed is here – 100Mbps uncapped fibre for R895

Mind the Speed, South Africa’s newest fibre ISP, has launched – announcing its arrival with aggressively-priced fibre-to-the-home packages.

Mind the Speed is backed by fibre experts with years of experience in South Africa and will only offer users uncapped fibre accounts with no fair usage limits.

Fibre packages start at R460 per month for a 10/5 Mbps connection on Openserve, and go up all the way to a 1,000Mbps symmetrical connection on Frogfoot for R1,855.

Users who want a fast fibre connection that can take care of all their Internet needs at home will be happy to hear that Mind the Speed also offers a range of packages between 20Mbps and 200Mbps – with a standout example the 100/100 Mbps uncapped package on Frogfoot for R895.

Two months free

To celebrate the launch of its fibre packages, Mind the Speed is offering a range of launch specials.

Clients who place their fibre order before 23 August 2019 will receive their first two months free – and 10% off the monthly price for six months.

Clients will also receive a range of value-added benefits. These include:

  • Free Wi-Fi router
  • No installation, activation, or migration charges
  • Free VoIP line and porting should you wish to retain your existing number
  • Static IP on request at no additional cost
  • Free 10GB desktop Cloud backup

Mind the Speed stated that the free installation, activation, or migration will fall away if a user cancels within the first 12 months.

It added that a static IP address can be provided to users at no additional cost, unless they are on the Openserve network – in which case a charge will apply.

To find out more, visit the Mind the Speed website. 


Mind the Speed’s fibre launch packages are detailed in the table below.

Fibre Network Speed (Mbps) Price
MFN 10/10 R545
MFN 25/25 R790
MFN 50/50 R965
MFN 100/100 R1,190
MFN 200/200 R1,699
Vumatel 10/10 R620
Vumatel 20/20 R790
Vumatel 50/50 R980
Vumatel 100/100 R1,140
Vumatel 200/200 R1,410
Openserve 10/5 R460
Openserve 20/10 R940
Openserve 40/20 R1,180
Openserve 100/50 R1,270
Openserve 200/100 R1,710
Frogfoot 10/10 R575
Frogfoot 20/20 R725
Frogfoot 50/50 R810
Frogfoot 100/100 R895
Frogfoot 200/200 R1,195
Frogfoot 500/500 R1,460
Frogfoot 1,000/1,000 R1,855
SADV 10/10 R560
SADV 20/20 R755
SADV 50/50 R880
SADV 100/100 R1,130

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Mind the Speed is here – 100Mbps uncapped fibre for R895