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Car insurance companies are disrupting the industry by providing consumers with the ability to manage their insurance needs from their hand-held devices. These apps are designed to make client interaction easier – whether it’s to submit a claim or update an insurance package.

Mobile devices are such powerful tools nowadays that insurers should harness these untapped devices’ unique abilities to better serve their customers.

Apps should be useful and easy to use. One also needs to consider the inclusion of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, voice-powered functions, augmented reality and virtual reality moving forward. However, how and when should these technologies be incorporated into a car insurance app?

Think about customers first

A consumer-centric approach needs to be followed. Does the application of a certain technology benefit the app user? Being innovative in the insurance industry should not cause confusion; instead it should help fulfil client needs and offer additional useful features. Emerging technologies should be used to solve problems, not complicate matters.

Artificial intelligence, for example, could empower an app’s layout to become more personalised as it ‘learns’ more about the app user’s behaviour, which in turn can make the app easier to use.

Voice-powered technology could improve the app’s security, navigation, and other functions. Your unique voice could be used to lock or unlock your app. A short voice command could quickly open the app and activate a function on the app too.

Augmented reality and virtual reality technologies could add virtual interactive layers to make the app easier to use, especially for complex multi-step functions that have a lot of information to process.

Where are we now?

Companies like Google, Facebook and Snapchat have made massive strides in the world of mobile apps across emerging technologies. Google has especially been a driving force behind innovation in this field.

A challenge for companies may be financial. Investing in emerging technologies can be expensive, especially if it isn’t simply incorporating ‘off-the-shelf’ technology ‘packages’.

Another challenge could be time and human resources. Research and development can be time-consuming and require highly specialised people.

Advanced technologies have trickled down into insurance apps too. Several South African insurers’ apps include functions that make use of voice technology and telematic technology that monitors driving behaviour. 1

Other South African insurers may be either waiting for the ideal solution that solves both the cost and time challenges or may be waiting for the right opportunity.

What matters most is that car insurance companies should focus on customer satisfaction by making all customer touchpoints as user-friendly as possible.  

Prime Meridian Direct

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Prime Meridian Direct makes car insurance easy