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How MyBroadband drove 1,900 users to an ISP’s website

MyBroadband’s content marketing services are showing excellent results for our clients, delivering measurable ROI and unmatched brand awareness.

A standout content campaign in recent months was that of an ISP client who launched new products into the market.

The ISP’s new products offered great value and aggressive pricing, and these attributes were focussed on in a range of articles published on MyBroadband.

Key to the success of the content campaign were the following elements:

  • Strong, simple headlines which communicated the excellent value and pricing.
  • A clear and concise call to action in all articles.
  • Google UTM codes which linked every call to action to the ISP’s website.
  • All content was written by MyBroadband’s experienced journalists.

Having the content written by MyBroadband’s journalists provided two benefits.

Not only was the content technically accurate, but it was also written in a way which our readers enjoyed.

This results in our readers enjoying a company’s message about its new product or service, and sees them interacting with the content and relevant call to action.

Excellent performance

The results of the content campaign were immediate, and the articles on MyBroadband started driving traffic to the ISP’s website after they were published.

Looking specifically at the ISP product launch article, over 1,900 unique users were sent to the ISP’s website from the following channels:

  • MyBroadband article
  • Banners adverts on MyBroadband
  • MyBroadband Forum post
  • Newsletter text advert

All users

Further enhancing the reach of the article was the fact that it was distributed through MyBroadband’s daily email newsletters, and its Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

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How MyBroadband drove 1,900 users to an ISP’s website