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How to launch a successful ISP

Mind the Speed recently launched new fibre-to-the-home products, offering consumers affordable ISP packages starting at R460 per month.

New ISP services are launched all the time, but what made Mind the Speed’s entrance into the market unique is the speed and success of its launch.

The new Mind the Speed website, which includes fibre coverage-checking and an easy order process, was developed within weeks.

After the website was ready, Mind the Speed launched an advertising and content marketing campaign to introduce their offering to the market.

The response was amazing. Over 2,000 people visited their website and the company received numerous sign-ups from these visitors.

The secret to their success

The secret to Mind the Speed’s successful launch was it selecting the right software development and marketing partners.

  • Website DevelopmentCodehesion, which is well known for producing world-class mobile apps and websites, developed Mind the Speed’s new website and fibre portal.
  • Marketing – Mind the Speed partnered with MyBroadband to launch an advertising and content marketing campaign.

The marketing campaign involved banner adverts, home-page takeovers, pre-launch articles, and launch content.

The response from the market exceeded expectations, with a large number of new website visitors and sign-ups for the new service.

For more information about this successful launch, visit: Codehesion or MyBroadband

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How to launch a successful ISP