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How to donate to your favourite charity – quick and easy

As the world evolves and cities expand, natural spaces and the critical resources they provide have come under threat, which is why organisations like the Greenpop Foundation fight climate change through tree-planting projects, and spread awareness through green festivals and workshops.

Environmental activism has evolved over the last few decades, and the role of technology in supporting causes has changed too.

South Africa is full of phenomenal organisations striving to make our country and communities a better place. Organisations like Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, the SPCA, and CANSA play a critical role in developing and contributing to our society. Donations are a vital component of NGO’s longevity and sustainability, with social media and mobile payments playing a bigger role than ever before. Technology has made us more connected, and has also allowed us to reach others and make a difference.

Recurring donations with SnapScan

To help organisations receive funding, SnapScan has released a new feature that enables people to repeat their donations, turning them into sustained, monthly contributions. When someone scans the codes of organisations who have activated this feature, they will be given the option to not only make a once-off donation, but to also set up a recurring donation on a date of their choice.

While the feature is still in the pilot phase, a few amazing organisations have been added to the Donate section of the SnapScan app, which people can browse and make either a once-off or recurring donation. Simply download the app or update to the latest version to make use of this new functionality.

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The benefits

Convenience: Giving to causes via SnapScan’s Donate section is a much easier way to make monthly contributions than having to set up an EFT every time you want to assist a cause.

Fast: Recurring donations will automatically go off each month, so you can provide ongoing support in a few taps.

Control: You can view the recurring donations you’ve set up from the app’s menu. These donations can be cancelled from within the app in seconds, so you are always in control.

Some of the organisations that can currently be found in the app include African Tails, Missing Children SA, Habitat for Humanity, WWF, as well as those in the picture below. Scan any of these codes to make a once-off donation, before you confirm payment you’ll be given the option to repeat your donation on a monthly basis, providing ongoing support.

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Interested organisations can set up the recurring donations feature for the SnapCodes they already have, just email SnapScan’s Support Team at [email protected] to find out more. Organisations can also sign up for SnapScan via their website.

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How to donate to your favourite charity – quick and easy