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What you can get for the price of a billboard on MyBroadband

Every rand you spend on marketing matters, particularly in a tight economic environment where return on investment is king.

It is no surprise then that local companies are increasing their digital advertising spend.

Nielsen’s recent Media ROI Benchmarks report for South Africa shows that digital advertising spend gives companies the best return on investment.

Online advertising campaigns easily outperforming print, TV, radio, and billboards (Out of Home).

Using data from the Nielsen report, the graphic below illustrates a company’s return on investment for R10,000 advertising spend.

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What you can get for the price of a billboard

For ICT and financial companies, MyBroadband and BusinessTech are by far the best platforms to promote their products and services.

MyBroadband and BusinessTech are the biggest technology and business websites in South Africa, with a combined monthly readership of 4.6 million.

To ensure companies receive the best possible exposure, MyBroadband offers a range of digital marketing services with an excellent return on investment.

Whether a company wants to reach the full audience, or a more targeted niche, MyBroadband has products to achieve these goals.

To show the value which MyBroadband offers companies in comparison to other mediums like outdoor, we conducted a simple comparison.

It clearly shows that MyBroadband’s value is significantly better than what a company can get from a billboard.

R35,000 Budget
MyBroadband Billboard
MyBroadband Sponsored Article 1x Billboard (1 Month)
BusinessTech Sponsored Article
Advertising Banners (MyBroadband and BusinessTech)
Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Promotions
Google UTM Links and Performance Reports

To find out how online marketing can benefit your business, contact MyBroadband Business MD Kevin Lancaster on [email protected]

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What you can get for the price of a billboard on MyBroadband