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Streamline your electronics business with SYSPRO’s ERP solution

Electronics can be one of the most challenging fields to work in.

Constant innovation is a necessity, which means that products have shorter life spans as they are rendered obsolete by newer and improved models.

For this reason, it is of critical importance that the supply of stock is carefully managed in order to minimise the number of obsolete products in your factory.

Key to the achievement of this is the utilisation of a comprehensive ERP that is tailored specifically to the industry.

SYSPRO ERP for computer and electronics businesses

SYSPRO is a world leading provider of comprehensive and flexible ERPs that are specifically designed for different types of businesses.

One of the solutions SYSPRO’s ERP offers is for the Electronics Industry – a solution that is designed specifically to help these businesses optimise their complex business processes and simplify their management.

SYSPRO’s ERP for Electronics helps manufacturers to manage their design revisions, allowing for efficient control over the life cycles of their products to align updated product launches with the depletion of previous-generation manufactured stock.

“In the electronics industry, complexity may arise from the design through to the estimation and quotation phase,” said SYSPRO Marketing Coordinator Palesa Moshidi.

“A solution like SYSPRO can aid in ensuring estimates are costed accurately whilst profit margins are maintained.”

Compliance concerns specific to the electronics industry are also incredibly easy to manage when using this SYSPRO ERP, with part traceability available – from material origins, all the way through to the product’s final destination.

This should mean that defective material use is substantially diminished, and poor workmanship can quickly be identified and dealt with.


One of the key features of the SYSPRO ERP is its ability to automate important and time-consuming activities – ensuring increased speed in delivery while negating the possibility of human error.

These span a vast group of tasks, including:

  • Customer return authorisation and tracking
  • Warranty claims
  • Complaints

Through these and other automated features, the SYSPRO’s solution for Electronics can save you both time and money, while ensuring that customers are served by an expertly-designed system that will resolve their issues and requests timeously and efficiently.

“Apart from the depth in SYSPRO’s operational offerings, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can allow organisations that use SYSPRO to move towards Industry 4.0 and think about Industry 5,” said Moshidi.

“As a simple example, these technologies can be used to monitor the quality of finished or semi-finished goods, leaving the production line, using high-speed camera technology, AI (to detect anomalies) and E.Net to write production complete back to jobs.”

These automation tools can help businesses earn quick wins across various processes, allowing these businesses to concentrate on their unique offerings and core competencies.

Digital transformation

As technology continues to advance, one of the most important elements of any business is its digital infrastructure.

Failure to keep up with digital transformation can render a business obsolete, whereas those who keep up with the latest technological advances can take their businesses to new heights.

As a result, it is crucial that businesses align its technology strategy with its digital transformation goals.

“SYSPRO ERP can provide the tools, elementary and multifaceted, to allow the technology strategy to come to life,” said Moshidi.

“The modules and technology enablers in SYSPRO ERP can drive businesses to digitally transform so that they can meet the agility and speed that is required to meet industry challenges.”

One example of these technologies is the ability to integrate your various business partners across the entire supply chain, and you can also run your system either on premise or in the cloud.

You can also garner valuable insights, identify new trends, and pick out anomalies through the implementation and utilisation of AI and machine learning technologies.

Try it today

If you’re interested in giving SYSPRO’s Electronics ERP a try, you’re in luck.

SYSPRO offers a demo so that prospective clients can decide if they’re interested in the product or not.

Alternatively, to learn more about this incredible product and to optimise your business processes, visit their website and download the Whitepaper.

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Streamline your electronics business with SYSPRO’s ERP solution