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Affordable month-to-month fibre in Cape Town

When it comes to fibre, home users in Cape Town want three things – a stable and fast connection, affordable pricing, and great support.

New player in the Cape Town fibre to the home market, Technopulse Online, is dedicated to offering its userbase these three benefits.

Technopulse Online is a self-funded fibre ISP, enabling it to offer greater flexibility and better prices to its customers. This is because there is no pressure from a board of executives.

This system also means that users will have access to the owners of the ISP directly when they need support – ensuring that these issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

“Our company was started by three Capetonians that wanted to make Internet more accessible, easier, and offer better support to the point where we only do month-to-month for residential,” said Technopulse Online.

Technopulse Online’s fibre product will be offered through the Octotel and Century City Connect networks, and will be onboarding more fibre networks in the near future. The company also offers networking and WiFi sales and installation services.

Their fibre to the home products range from a 10/5Mbps line for just R599, to a 100/100Mbps product for R1,139 per month.

All products are uncapped and unshaped, and customers also do not need to pay a connection fee.

Technopulse Online’s month-to-month business model is one of their key value, as customers do not want to sign up to long-term contracts.

The fibre ISP said that the three joint founders took their time planning the company’s business model so that they could offer a product that was of high value to its customers.

“We took our time to get our infrastructure and our business approach right to not only be a good ISP but also a flexible one.”

Packages and pricing can be viewed below.

Technopulse FTTH pricing – Octotel
Product Pricing (per month)
10Mbps/5Mbps R599
10Mbps/10Mbps R699
20Mbps/5Mbps R799
20Mbps/20Mbps R899
100Mbps/25Mbps R999
100Mbps/100Mbps R1,139

Technopulse FTTH pricing – Century City Connect
Product Pricing (per month)
10Mbps/5Mbps R489
20Mbps/10Mbps R639
50Mbps/25Mbps R739
100Mbps/50Mbps R989

To learn more about Technopulse’s offerings, click here to visit their website, or contact them via the following email addresses:

This article was published in partnership with Technopulse Online.

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Affordable month-to-month fibre in Cape Town