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VALR – The best place to buy Bitcoin in South Africa

VALR is the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange in South Africa, thanks to its low fees, lucrative referral rewards programme, and the wide selection of cryptocurrencies it offers.

The exchange is also backed by Bittrex, a premier US-based cryptocurrency trading platform which provides South African users with first-rate security and a highly-liquid trading environment.

The cryptocurrencies available on VALR include Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two most popular tokens in the world, and users can start trading from as little as R10.

In total, VALR lets users trade over 50 cryptocurrencies.

Why you should use VALR

VALR cofounder Badi Sudhakaran said VALR’s rewards programme is unlike any other in the industry and makes it an attractive option for local users.

VALR users can make up to R1,500 commission per user referral, and will get paid to trade thanks to the exchange’s below-zero maker fees.

“One of the rewards we offer is called Maker Rewards, and we’ve paid out over half a million rand worth of these rewards to our customers since the launch of Bitcoin-Rand trading in June,” said Sudhakaran.

He added that VALR offers more cryptocurrencies on its platform than any other player in South Africa, and it provides users with the lowest fees.

“Our customers have come to love our product which we designed from the very beginning to be seamless, intuitive, and easy to use. Our customer service has been recognised as the best in the industry.”

How to sign up

Signing up to VALR is quick and easy, as the company uses AI and machine learning to verify a user’s identity and create their account in minutes.

To sign up for a VALR account, visit the VALR website.

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VALR – The best place to buy Bitcoin in South Africa