Why your company needs to be on MyBroadband

MyBroadband and BusinessTech offer companies an excellent platform to promote their products and services.

Website and app development company Codehesion is one of MyBroadband’s Premier Clients, and has reaped the benefits of its partnership with us.

Through a sustained advertising campaign on MyBroadband, Codehesion has acquired several high-profile clients and development projects.

MyBroadband has also assisted Codehesion with hiring new developers, and our recruitment package saw 650 developers apply to work at Codehesion.

MyBroadband vs the rest

To demonstrate how well MyBroadband and BusinessTech perform compared to other tech news websites in South Africa, we tracked the article reads and in-article links clicks for a recent Codehesion content marketing piece.

The content marketing article promoted Codehesion’s Android app development services, and was published on:

  • MyBroadband
  • BusinessTech
  • SA Tech Website 1
  • SA Tech Website 2

The names of the two local tech news websites listed above have been withheld, but are the most popular sites in the country after MyBroadband and BusinessTech.

The graph below shows how many reads the Codehesion article received on the four websites.

Article Reads

Link clicks

An important aspect of content marketing is the call to action – hyperlinked text which readers can click on to visit the client’s website or online forms.

This is especially important for companies which want readers to visit their website, product pages, contact pages, and online assets.

The graph below details how many link clicks Codehesion received from its articles across the four websites.

Links Clicks

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Why your company needs to be on MyBroadband