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Building a mobile app for your business

Codehesion has launched numerous successful Android and iOS apps for South African businesses this year, delivering these projects on time and within budget.

Codehesion is one of South Africa’s premier mobile app development companies, with a 100% success rate on its growing list of mobile and web projects.

The secret behind Codehesion’s success is its strong focus on mobile apps and web applications – and its specialised skills in this area.

This specialisation makes it possible for the company to deliver projects faster and more affordably than its competitors.

Latest completed projects

Last month Codehesion launched two successful projects for its business clients – The Midstream Estate app and the Mind the Speed web portal.

The Midstream Estate app provides information about services available inside the estate and allows residents to request emergency services.

Residents can use the app to send emergency requests for paramedics, security, and snake and bee removal – which will see a response team dispatched to the user’s home or their current location.

The app was downloaded over 1,500 times within the first 2 days, which shows the success of the app and the demand for the services offered.

The new Mind the Speed website, which includes fibre coverage maps and an easy order process, was developed within weeks.

The launch of the Mind the Speed website was so successful that the ISP had to increase its resources to cope with demand.

Contact Codehesion for a free quote

Codehesion has a simple process to make it easy and risk-free for companies to start a successful software development process.

This process includes a discussion about the project and a risk-free quote for the completed mobile app or website.

For a risk-free discussion about your project, visit Codehesion’s website.

This article was published in partnership with Codehesion.

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Building a mobile app for your business