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Micro Focus Lego City – Mixing work with play

When it comes to your business, it is of the utmost importance to have a powerful overarching IT infrastructure that connects all your systems together.

Lars Rossen, Micro Focus Fellow, said at the recent Micro Focus Experience conference in Sandton that IT4IT is the most comprehensive IT architecture available on the market.

IT4IT is a reference architecture that allows modern enterprises to streamline the various technological processes that take place within their various departments.

Micro Focus developed this infrastructure in the late 2000’s, and then launched it via The Open Forum in 2015. It now has a variety of high-profile platinum members, including Huawei, IBM, and Oracle.

The infrastructure is based upon four key areas of the Enterprise IT process – Plan, Build, Deliver, and Run.

However, understanding this process can be difficult – which is why Micro Focus has come up with a clever way of visualising the system.

Micro Focus Lego City

Micro Focus Lego City is a visual representation of the entire IT4IT architectural process – built with Lego.

By using Lego, Micro Focus has simplified the complex IT process into an easy-to-understand visual model.

The Lego City uses clever ways to visualise various elements of the IT process – such as the use of dinosaurs to refer to old technologies, as well as a train to show the process of software being released.

One of the great things about the model is that it makes the IT4IT reference architecture simple to understand – whether you’re a high-level IT professional, or just a layman interested in the cool Lego City.

How Lego City came to be

Rossen, who came up with the idea for Lego City, said that it was built to help the IT4IT reference architecture’s stands be more noticeable at events.

“We had a chance in Denmark to go to an important event, and we knew we would have one stand among 40, so we had to think about how to get attention,” said Rossen.

“It was something I’d been toying with before – I come from Denmark, and Lego is from Denmark – and I thought that it should be possible to build this architecture using Lego.”

Rossen said that the first version was a test run – from which the Lego City concept simply took off.

He added that one of the biggest benefits of the Lego City is that because it is made from Lego, you can get people’s attention very easily.

“If I start with a diagram, with 10 arrows and boxes, and talk about the architecture, then people can tune out.”

“With Lego, there’s a little story for each of the areas that you can tell.”

“It also lets people realise where they are in the process – which helps people understand the bigger picture.”

Rossen said that he has two favourite parts within the Lego City.

“I particularly like the dinosaurs, as it is one of the major theses of Micro Focus that you shouldn’t rip and replace; you should rather control your ‘dinosaurs’ and modernise them.”

“The other one is the Batcave – because who doesn’t love the Batcave.”

Much like the Lego City concept, Rossen said that IT4IT’s best feature is that it is unique in what it offers businesses.

“We did a search when we started because we didn’t want to compete with anyone else – we thought if it was done, we’d just use what’s available. But we couldn’t find anything like it, so we made it ourselves.”

Micro Focus

Micro Focus is a leading provider of critical enterprise tools that are necessary to build, operate, secure, and analyse your enterprise.

These tools are designed to bridge the gap between your current technologies and future innovations, allowing you flexibility to grow your enterprise with minimal risk as you drive forwards towards the fourth industrial revolution.

Learn more about how they can assist your business here.

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Micro Focus Lego City – Mixing work with play