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12 reasons to choose Gallagher Convention Centre for your next event

When you run an event, choosing a venue is one of the most important decisions you must make.

The right venue can make the entire process of event organisation much easier, and will leave your guests happy.

Look no further than Gallagher Convention Centre – no matter the type of event you are planning to host.

Gallagher Convention Centre’s facilities are famous for being multi-purpose and immaculately maintained, which is why they’re trusted to host a variety of events.

They have the ability to host large conferences due to the 27 different venues within their premises and their 5,000+ vehicle parking capacity.

The Gallagher venues can host anything from 2- 7000 delegates.

Here are twelve reasons why you should host your next event at Gallagher Convention Centre.

1. Experience

Gallagher Convention Centre boasts with a team of experts within their respective fields, culminating in a team that can tackle your every need.

Their management team has over 380+ years of collective industry experience – a truly remarkable bank of knowledge that you will have access to.

2. Teamwork

The Gallagher Convention Centre team becomes an extension of your team to ensure the success of your event.

3. Reinvestment into facilities

Gallagher is well known for having impressive facilities, but their team doesn’t leave matters there.

They are constantly reinvesting into these facilities to ensure that they are in top shape so that you always have access to state-of-the-art, fully-functional resources and features.

4. Culinary experience

Gallagher offers an extensive standard menu selection that will leave your attendees’ appetites thoroughly satisfied.

If you seek something extra, the Gallagher Executive Chef is always willing to customise these menus to suit the specific theme of your event.

Halaal meals are also offered at no additional cost.

5. Cost-effective

Gallagher is conscious of client’s budgets and strives to customise their offering to suit your needs.

Contact them today to discuss how they can tailor a quote to your budget requirements.

6. Single call solution

Gallagher saves you time by operating through their preferred supplier networks.

This means that when you call Gallagher, you are not just booking a venue – you can access a variety of other peripheral services, too.

7. Parking

There is no need to worry about offering your attendees sufficient parking when you host your event at Gallagher Convention Centre.

They can offer parking for over 5,000 vehicles.

8. Business continuity

Gallagher is equipped to deal with whatever issues may arise during your event.

They have full generator backup in the case of a power outage, as well as enough water backup to run the entire property for three days.

9. 5-star service

Gallagher Convention Centre offers 5-star service, yet manages to do so at affordable rates – making it the perfect option for your event.

10. Ease of build-up

Gallagher was designed with event set-up logistics in mind.

All of the loading bays are at street-level, which means that you will not need to pay for additional man-power, as goods lifts are not necessary.

11. Versatility

Gallagher has 27 different venues within their property, meaning that you effectively have a blank canvas upon which you can build the perfect event.

12. Flexibility

Gallagher is committed to helping you develop the event of your dreams.

Your event, Your way.

Learn more

Gallagher Convention Centre is the only option you should consider when planning your next event.

They can offer you everything you could possibly want from a venue.

For more information, or to book your next conference, visit the Gallagher website. You can also contact them on +27 11 266 3000 or via email: [email protected].

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12 reasons to choose Gallagher Convention Centre for your next event