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Vodacom Business Internet – The best connectivity solutions for your business

Running a business brings with it a unique and dynamic set of connectivity challenges.

There are great differences in the needs of small, medium, and large businesses, as well as those operating rurally versus those in urban areas.

Vodacom understands this, which is why the company offers a range of business internet solutions, each of which is catered towards specific business types.

By implementing a solution that caters to your specific business, you can reap a variety of important benefits.

For example, using the right internet solution for your business can save you money, as you only pay for the types of services you need.

Having a powerful and suitable internet solution will also help your business to be more productive, as you will be able to achieve your digital goals smoothly and without hassle.

Below are the various business internet products that Vodacom offers its customers – each of which is focused on a specific set of business needs.

Business Internet LTE

Vodacom offers a powerful Fixed Wireless LTE solution for businesses ranging from micro to medium in size.

Business Internet LTE through Vodacom offers businesses with a quick and easy internet solution that offers an average speed of 25Mbps.

Data is capped and ranges from 20GB to 300GB service plans, meaning that this solution is perfect for a business that doesn’t use extreme amounts of data.

Included in this package is a WiFi enabled LTE Router, which offers plug-and-play functionality – meaning that you can get your business connected promptly and with ease.

Business Internet Fibre

Vodacom Business Internet Fibre is a great solution for businesses ranging from small to large in size who require an uncapped internet solution and higher speeds.

Vodacom Business offers up to 100Mbps upload and download speeds on its fibre connections for businesses.

Included in this product is an appropriate WiFi enabled router, and your connection will be installed by Vodacom Business’ technicians at no extra charge.

These users can also access Vodacom’s free “LTE while you Wait” service, which means that you can keep your business connected while you wait for your fibre to be installed.

Business Internet Wireless

For small to large sized businesses who don’t have access to a fibre connection, Business Internet Wireless is a great alternative.

Speeds are nearly as fast as Fibre, reaching up to 80Mbps, and the product is offered in both capped and uncapped options.

A WiFi enabled router and external antennae installation are included for free as part of this package.

Business Internet Satellite

For businesses in rural areas with limited or no LTE and/or Microwave coverage, Business Internet Satellite is a powerful alternative.

This allows businesses to access the Internet in remote locations, and is suitable for rural businesses of all sizes.

This Internet connection is capped, and offers speeds up to 4Mbps.

Antennae installation and a router are both included with this product.

Business Connect

Business Connect is designed primarily for medium to large businesses.

It offers unlimited business grade data to businesses at upload and download speeds of up to 100Mbps.

This makes it a great solution for businesses who need a high-speed, high-volume data solution.

A WiFi enabled router and installation are both included.


Vodacom also offers an impressive VoIP solution, which can offer great savings and functionality to businesses using Vodacom Business Internet.

This solution allows businesses to replace their legacy landline telephones with devices that make calls over internet connections.

Vodacom is able to port your existing number to its system so you do not lose your number; alternatively the company can provide a new number for you.

Some key benefits of Vodacom’s VoIP product include:

  • Cost effective – Save up to 30% on your monthly phone bills.
  • Scalability – You can grow your VoIP service as your business grows.
  • Flexibility – You only pay for the VoIP calls you make, and you are charged per second.
  • Mobility – Vodacom can include your cellphones into a Closed User Group, allowing you to make on network (on-net) calls for free between your Vodacom IP phone and cellphones

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Vodacom Business Internet can solve your connectivity needs – whether you’re a small business in a rural area, or a large enterprise.

To learn more about which Vodacom Business product best suits your business’ needs, visit the Vodacom Business Internet website or request a call back.

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Vodacom Business Internet – The best connectivity solutions for your business