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iOCO – South Africa’s premier digital journey partner

iOCO, the ICT services division of EOH Holdings, has launched – offering businesses a solutions partner which can take care of all their digital needs.

The name iOCO is the combination of the digitally-native “internet organisations” (iO) and “creative organisations” (CO) of the future, but symbolises much more than four simple letters.

“iOCO is more than a name, it signifies a new way of operating an ICT business. As a systems integrator, our strategy will be driven by the integrated strength of our business units, for the benefit of our clients and partners,” said the company.

iOCO’s mission is to provide turnkey ICT solution to all its clients, while operating under a single brand. This will ensure that in our open and connected world of exponential change, iOCO’s clients will be at the forefront of disruptive technologies while continuing to build on their existing foundations.

Expansion and growth

“Over the years EOH expanded rapidly through acquisition, amassing the largest concentration of ICT skills on the African continent,” said Stephen van Coller, EOH group CEO.

“The future of business is beyond what any of us predicted. Today, the need for continuous transformation means that our clients require a partner with the skills to leverage legacy technology, while implementing their disruptive platforms of the future. The ability to deliver exponential solutions and meet the accelerated needs of our clients is what iOCO brings to the market” said Van Coller.

iOCO’s strategy of using new, disruptive technologies while drawing on the strengths of established business practices allows companies to operate in “the two-speed world” we live in – and to succeed in this world businesses need a trusted, single point of contact as their digital journey partner.

iOCO is that partner.

Large skills base

iOCO has at its disposal the largest collection of ICT skills in Africa and works with over 90 global technology partners to ensure it takes care of its clients’ needs.

These skills, possessed by the company’s 4,500 employees, are distributed across six core divisions:

  • Digital Advisory businesses – IT advisory and consulting services.
  • Open Digital Integrator – iOCO’s digital software factory.
  • Enterprise Applications – ERP solutions based on SAP, Oracle, Infor, and Syspro platforms.
  • Data and Analytics – Smart data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
  • Compute Platforms – End-user and enterprise back-end requirements in data centre management, virtualization, and multi-cloud environments.
  • Managed Services Outsourcing – Offering a new focus on cloud and performance.

Client and Solutions Executive, Simon Just, said the iOCO value proposition centres around these core offerings – and they provide the foundation required to offer clients best-of-breed solutions while delivering anything-as-a-service technology services.

The company’s digital software factory also allows its clients to bridge old and new technologies to benefit their businesses, as every company today is essentially a “software company” thanks to their reliance on technology.

New beginning

While iOCO has a large, established skills base and technology partner network, the new brand does signify a new beginning.

The company has established a strong corporate governance process which provides a clean, new division for clients to do business with. It also marks a move towards iOCO’s long-term vision of providing its clients with digital, mobile, and data-driven solutions that will see them excel.

“iOCO is built on a proud heritage of service, bringing an unmatched collective of highly-skilled and deeply motivated people serving a strong client base, and leveraging established relationships with more than 90 global OEMs,” said van Coller.

For more information, visit the iOCO website.

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iOCO – South Africa’s premier digital journey partner