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Risk-free cryptocurrency investment with Revix

Revix is an innovative alternative asset investment platform that enables customers to own a diversified Bundle of the top global cryptocurrencies.

Similar to diversified index funds, Revix’s Crypto Bundles contains many of the most well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, and are automatically rebalanced so the Bundles evolve with the market.

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, price swings are commonplace which presents a unique opportunity for significant rewards, but at high risk for investors.

Backed by JSE listed Sabvest, Revix is removing the risk for new customers, not only through offering diversified Crypto Bundles, but also by offering them the ability to invest up to R50,000 in their Cryptocurrency Bundles with ZERO RISK in October.

This means that participating customers will get to keep all their returns if their Bundle investment goes up and Revix will cover any shortfall if it goes down. So, over a 31-day period, the worst that customers can do is break-even.

How do I get started?

It’s easy:

  1. Read the Risk-Free T&Cs,
  2. Head over to and sign-up for an account,
  3. Make sure to enter the Revix promo code – RISKFREE – when signing-up in the referral code textbox,
  4. Deposit between R10,000 to R50,000 before the 5th of October to qualify for a Risk-Free month,
  5. Make sure that you receive an email confirming that your account is Risk-Free for the 31 days of October, and
  6. Start investing by purchasing your preferred Crypto Bundle.

How about an example?

If crypto investor ‘Joe’ signs-up for a Revix account using the promo code “RISKFREE”,


Invests between R10,000 to R50,000 into one or more Bundle before the end of October,


Receives a confirmation email notifying him that his investment is guaranteed for the next 31-days.

At the end of the 31-days…

In the case where Joe’s investment has increased in value, he will be entitled to keep all of his gains and either keep his Revix investment open or withdraw his funds. No strings attached.

In the case where Joe’s investment has gone down in value, we will deposit enough money to return him to his original amount. Joe can then either keep his Revix investment open or withdraw his funds. Again, no strings attached.

In either case, Joe has his initial investment amount guaranteed and can keep all his returns.

Don’t wait, sign-up now so you don’t miss out on this truly risk-free investment opportunity.

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Risk-free cryptocurrency investment with Revix