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Switch to Mind the Speed and get 2 months free uncapped fibre

Mind the Speed has launched a new migration promotion, which gives new clients two months of free fibre when they switch from their current ISP.

The promotion will run from 14-18 October 2019, and any user who migrates to Mind the Speed on the following networks will get their first two months of uncapped fibre for free.

  • Vumatel
  • Openserve
  • Metrofibre
  • SADV
  • Frogfoot

Mind the Speed added that if a user migrates and is not happy with the performance of their new service, they can cancel their account with Mind the Speed and not incur any costs or claw-backs on the migration fee.

Should a client choose to continue with the service after the initial two-month period, but cancel within the first 10 months, a migration fee will be applicable.

Moving to Mind the Speed

Mind the Speed stated that there are several important elements to note about the free fibre promotion.

The promotion will be applicable from the date a client’s Mind the Speed account goes live. Mind the Speed will also provide clients with a free Wi-Fi router, or subsidize the purchase of their preferred router.

Another important factor for clients to consider is the migration process from their existing ISP.

Mind the Speed stated that many service providers will require their clients to give them a full calendar month’s notice before they can cancel their fibre account.

“Users must be sure to check if there are any cancelation costs with their current ISP. Certain service providers cover the initial cost of the fibre installation and the provision of a router, and there may be a bill if cancelled within a certain period,” said Mind the Speed.

Once a user has placed their migration request with their ISP and confirmed when their fibre line will be released, they can then place their new order on the Mind the Speed website.

“When giving notice to their current service provider, users will need to obtain a date that they will release the fibre line in order for Mind the Speed to pick it up and complete the migration.“

“We suggest avoiding migrating on a Friday, as if there are any issues the relevant fibre network operator may not be able to assist until the following Monday. It is also a good idea to migrate a couple of days before the month end to avoid the congestion over that period.”

Visit the Mind the Speed website for more information.

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Switch to Mind the Speed and get 2 months free uncapped fibre