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Business and mission-critical networks in the 4IR

Nokia recently held a seminar for various industry executives and government representatives on Business and mission-critical networks in the Fourth Industrial Revolution era. The Embassy of Finland in Pretoria hosted the event.

Speakers included experts from Nokia, an IDC analyst, and a mission-critical network infrastructure provider. Executives from South Africa’s energy, transportation, and telecommunications sectors were in attendance, as well as representatives from metropolitan municipalities.

Various topics were covered including the opportunities and challenges presented by the automation of everything, and trends like smart cities.

The implications of the technologies that underpin the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) on South Africa’s National Development Plan 2030 were also discussed, including issues such as universal broadband and jobs.

Every region of the world has its own unique environment and interesting set of challenges, and South Africa is no different. As such, Nokia said that systems can be tailored to South African needs, learning from what others have tried before across the globe.

Nokia said that there is a tremendous amount that South African enterprises and the government can learn from what other countries have done and are doing. This includes countries that have embarked on initiatives to offer their citizens universal broadband access, and those that have started to adopt 4IR technologies.

“Now is the right time for South African public entities and the private sector to take action in areas such as policy, investment, education, and re-training to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution and not be left behind,” Nokia said.

A video summarising the seminar is embedded below.

This article was published in partnership with Nokia.

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Business and mission-critical networks in the 4IR