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How to promote your white paper on the biggest tech site in South Africa

MyBroadband is the biggest technology news website in South Africa, and is the perfect place to promote your company’s white paper.

MyBroadband is visited by 2.5 million readers every month, the majority of whom are IT professionals and tech-savvy individuals – making them the perfect audience to reach.

Promoting your white paper

A white paper is a great tool to inform and educate industry players about the latest trends in the ICT sector.

These authoritative reports concisely explain complex issues and present information in a way that helps a reader understand the content. It also allows them to solve a problem or make a purchasing decision.

Many companies have seen a number of downloads and great interest in their white papers after they were published on MyBroadband.

Companies were also able to request a reader’s details through lead-capture pages before the white paper was downloaded, or through lead-capture forms which were built and hosted by MyBroadband.

Success of white papers

In the ICT sector, the importance of white papers cannot be overstated.

According to research published by Inc., over 90% of IT buyers consider white papers as the second-most-effective content to use in the first stage of a buying decision.

White papers are only trumped by product literature, which companies are also able to promote on MyBroadband as partner content.

IT Buyers

Publish your white paper on MyBroadband

MyBroadband provides companies with the opportunity to promote their white papers to South Africa’s biggest ICT audience.

To have your white paper promoted on MyBroadband, contact Kevin Lancaster on [email protected]

This article was published in partnership with MyBroadband.

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How to promote your white paper on the biggest tech site in South Africa