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VALR’s new iOS and Android apps – The easiest way to buy Bitcoin in South Africa

VALR has launched its mobile app for Android and iOS, making it easy for South Africans to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and a variety of other cryptocurrencies.

These new mobile apps support South African rand and offer the same high level of security and accessibility as VALR’s online platform.

Mobile users can sign up to the VALR exchange directly through the mobile app. They will be able to save 15% on trading fees when they refer a friend and will earn up to R1,500 per referral when referring more users.

VALR’s mobile apps offer a Simple Buy/Sell option that easily lets South Africans get started in the exciting world of cryptocurrency.

Users’ cryptocurrency is also stored securely thanks to VALR’s adherence to global best security practices.

VALR holds your cryptocurrency in both “cold storage” and “hot wallets” for maximum security while maintaining quick processing times, and all sensitive user information is encrypted both in transit and in storage.

Even with this high level of security, the funds stored in your mobile wallet are always accessible, and transactions are processed safely and promptly across the platform.

Easy to use for beginners and experts

Through the VALR Android and iOS apps, South Africans can easily purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum with South African rand.

Users can also withdraw these assets directly, convert them back to rand and send them to any South African bank account.

This direct conversion and the simple buy and sell tools are great for newcomers to cryptocurrency or long-term investors looking for a reliable exchange and mobile wallet.

For users looking to diversify their investment into more altcoins, VALR allows mobile users to buy a variety of tokens with Bitcoin thanks to its partnership with premier US cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex.

Experienced traders can also access powerful tools through VALR’s mobile apps, including placing trades directly on the powerful exchange platform.

This can all be accomplished through the mobile app interface, making the VALR Android and iOS apps invaluable tools for both new and experienced cryptocurrency traders in South Africa.

Download VALR’s new mobile apps from the Google Play Store and the App Store.

This article was published in partnership with VALR.

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VALR’s new iOS and Android apps – The easiest way to buy Bitcoin in South Africa