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HPE Primera – The best option when storing mission-critical applications

Your mission-critical apps and data are the core of your business, meaning that you need to ensure that they are stored on the best possible hardware.

This is where the HPE Primera comes into its own – offering extreme resilience and performance while simultaneously providing the agility of the cloud.

Traditional high-end storage solutions are becoming increasingly insufficient as the needs of companies grow.

This is why HP Enterprise developed Primera – to ensure that businesses do not need to sacrifice certain features when storing their mission-critical apps.

Intelligent era

HPE Primera is the world’s most intelligent storage device for mission-critical apps.

It unlocks the agility of the cloud, allowing for unbridled innovation.

This is because the cutting-edge technology used by Primera ensures that you don’t have to sacrifice agility to achieve resiliency.

This is crucial in the intelligent era, where technology is constantly shifting, and businesses need to keep up to avoid being left behind.

“Primera uses AI and ML to analyse application patterns, as well as predict and prevent disruptions across the infrastructure stack,” said HPE CEEMA Storage Lead Adam Day.

“No disruptions or delays means app-aware resilience, backed by HPE’s 100% Availability Guarantee.”

This 100% availability guarantee is standard for HPE Primera customers who have HPE Proactive Care or higher.


HPE’s cloud-based AI platform, InfoSight, continuously collects and analyses data in real time, which enables businesses to resolve performance issues.

“In the past, the amount of time lost to searching for where an error occurred amounted to several software engineers’ salaries,” said Karabo Masilela, Storage Business Development Manager and HPE Partner at Axiz.

“We are now able to alert customers about potential issues and roll out a specific patch when necessary.”

This all happens in real-time, heavily reducing the time wasted on trying to uncover issues.

Real-time analytics even predicts problems before they occur – which is of huge benefit to businesses as it can save them even more time.

InfoSight also automatically tunes itself to operate optimally, and upgrades take place online with minimal fuss.

Predictive analytics also warns businesses when their resource levels are close to being depleted, reminding them that they need to replenish said resources soon.

Operational simplicity

According to Day, South Africa’s lack of skilled employees means that the most suitable solutions are simple to use.

It can take mere minutes to set up Primera, yet it can save your business hours of time trying to uncover and fix issues.

“Today’s customers expect on-demand products and services with immediate accessibility,” says Day.

“Primera is simple enough for the customer to deploy themselves.”

HP Primera is the perfect blend of market-leading performance and simplicity of use.

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HPE Primera – The best option when storing mission-critical applications