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Digital Adoption – The real key to digital transformation

Businesses across the world are adopting digital transformation strategies for enhanced competitive positioning.

However, insights reveal that their success doesn’t solely depend on the technology solutions they adopt, but also on their employees’ abilities to learn new skills.

Altron Bytes People Solutions (Altron BPS), through its Learning Solutions department, has been implementing digital adoption learning solutions to streamline processes and enhance the interaction between employees and customers – ultimately delivering a unique customer experience.

This success, according to Pieter Nel, Learning Solutions Executive, has been based on the fact that the human element has been positioned front and centre of these solutions.

“In reality, it’s more about human transformation than anything else. That’s really what’s at the heart of any successful change. Technology is essential, yes, but it’s equally, if not more important than your people are all on the same page and moving together at the right speed.”

“In our experience, one of the biggest challenges we have encountered on many occasions is bringing employees on board and ensuring that they are current with the skills needed to facilitate the change we are trying to make,” said Nel.

“The critical component in this process is that we create a culture where individuals are curious, motivated and passionate about the new business direction.”

Nel said that Altron BPS has seen successful digital adoption strategies in such environments and added that this always gives rise to enhanced interest in innovative technologies.

Prioritising people

The State of Digital Transformation 2019 report by Altimeter points out that in as much as businesses are investing more in innovative technologies, the majority are lacking in terms of meeting customer expectations due to a lack of digital literacy.

The report pointed out a number of obstacles including ego, politics and fear as the main deterrents for companies to collaborate and implement lasting digital change.

Nel said that there is a fundamental difference between a company that is just taking a tech-first approach and a company that is committed to digitally transforming its processes and adopting solutions that will see it thrive in the future.

“There is a common misconception that in order to keep up with disruption, companies should just invest in shiny apps and programmes,” said Nel.

“As a result of this, some companies attempt to build new technology on top of an old and crumbling foundation.”

“New technology is recommended but it must be adopted as a component of the digital transformation process rather than its fundamental basis.”

Nel added that it is important to look at the challenges facing both employers and employees from a ‘people’ perspective.

“One of the main challenges that businesses face is the lack of focus in ensuring that employees become part of the digital transformation journey,” he said.

“You find employees preferring the old school to the new school and thus are pushing back.”

“Perhaps the most crucial component to these challenges is the lack of digital learning strategy in place to empower your employees during the digital transformation journey.”

For companies to adopt successful digital transformation strategies, they must invest in learning ecosystems that will not only promote learning for the future but see businesses achieving a state where all their digital assets are leveraged to their fullest extent.

“The key takeaway here is that digital transformation builds both current and new skills.  Businesses must make employees actively use the learning technology that they have invested in.”

“That way, you ensure that your investment is real and it comes alive.“

Altron BPS

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Digital Adoption – The real key to digital transformation