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Connection Telecom’s Telviva Touchpoint service makes it easy for businesses to improve their client interaction and lead capturing.

Telviva Touchpoint provides companies with a web-based instant messaging service to communicate directly with customers.

Using a live pop-up chat window, the service makes real-time user interaction between a company and its customers easy.

It is particularly suitable for sales teams, help desks, and finance departments – as it streamlines communications and increases productivity.

The web-based chat service is also free to use for a company’s clients and reduces the average time which is spent serving customers.

One of its biggest benefits is that it allows for instant reporting, which makes it easy to track performance levels.

Touchpoint has already been implemented by numerous South African companies and they have all experienced an immediate increase in efficiency and cost savings.

How Telviva Touchpoint works

Telviva Touchpoint makes it easy for a customer to initiate contact with a company by clicking on the call-to-action button on its website.

After a customer makes contact, an agent from the company responds to the request and the chat can begin via instant messaging.

The customer will always be able to view the agent’s status, and they are notified when the agent is busy or typing a response.

Once the customer has been assisted and is satisfied, the chat can be closed and the query resolved.

Telviva Touchpoint offers companies a wide range of communication tools, including text chat, video chat, voice calls, and call recording.

For more information and a risk-free discussion, visit the Telviva Touchpoint website.

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Get web chat for your business website now