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Get the latest customer insights for ICT marketing – MyBroadband Surveys

MyBroadband is the largest technology news publication in South Africa, and receives over 2 million unique readers every month.

MyBroadband is also home to the largest online forum in South Africa, the MyBroadband Forum.

This makes it the perfect place to gather customer insights on the latest trends, demands, product and brand perceptions, and more in the ICT market.

Feedback on your company or products/services can also be accessed, along with how likely customers are to recommend your business to family and friends.

MyBroadband Insight Surveys

MyBroadband offers a range of survey options which provide access to these customer insights.

Our simple survey formats and large audience makes obtaining accurate and statistically-significant results a simple process.

The results are also presented in an easy-to-understand layout, along with guidance on which points can be leveraged for marketing campaigns.

Additionally, MyBroadband provides the following add-on options to companies:

  • MyBroadband Content Campaign – Use the stand-out results from the survey to promote your products or services.
  • Infographic Design – The results of the survey will be presented in a sleek and clean infographic which can be published and distributed.

To find out more about MyBroadband’s survey offerings, please contact Kevin Lancaster on [email protected].

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Get the latest customer insights for ICT marketing – MyBroadband Surveys