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Working with Microsoft is an appealing place to be

Traci Maynard is an Executive at Axiz – a value added enterprise technology distributor – and plays a key role in the success of the company.

Maynard is responsible for several tech vendors including Microsoft, for which she manages the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Volume Licensing, and cloud businesses across South Africa and Africa.

According to Maynard her company believes that it’s vital for women to be part of the senior leadership team, as this is key to balancing the gender mix across the business.

“As one of two women on the Axiz executive committee, I’m pleased to be able to work in partnership with Microsoft. Part of their current licensing strategy is Microsoft’s ‘Move to Modern’ approach, which is designed to enable innovative new cloud and business scenarios that scale. This incorporates CSP as a key program to enable partners to move their end-customers to the cloud with ease,” added Maynard.

As they drive the cloud message across the partner ecosystem, Axiz would like to remind their partners about two key incentives that they are running; the first one is the Microsoft 365 net new customer add campaign to all partners across SA and Africa, valid from 16 July to 31 December 2019.

“This incentive rewards all AxizCloud registered partners with a percentage of their earnings for simply selling Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) seats and creating new tenants with specific focus on Microsoft’s Azure platform. Ultimately, this talks to the number of new end customer additions that a partner has engaged, interacted, and transacted with using their cloud licensing model,” said Maynard.

The second is their Microsoft Inspire 2020 incentive, which includes four fully paid, all access passes to join Axiz Executives at this annual global vendor conference.  Three tickets are for South African partners, and one ticket for outside of South Africa (on African continent).

“Our partners only need to do three things and the Microsoft business unit is committed to help; one is to upsell to Microsoft 365, the second is to deploy TEAMS, the third is to sell SQL Server and Windows Server via CSP,” concluded Maynard.

Traci Maynard’s tech and business choices

What was your first job and what was your salary?

I was employed as a Marketing Assistant in my final year of study, and I earned R1,000 per month.

How did you get into the tech field?

As a student, I needed to find a job relevant to my field to study. Of course, not having any work experience made it difficult. I contacted The Star Workplace and inquired about how they help graduates who cannot get employed due to no work experience, but who need work experience to get employed. I got on the front page of that month’s publication and I received nine offers. I took the one in IT and worked in the tech industry ever since.

What laptop do you currently use?

HP Elitebook X2, which is a 2-in-1 device with the PC part detachable from the keyboard, allowing a full tablet mode with a stylus for digital note capturing and transcribing.

What smartphone do you currently use?

iPhone 8 Plus.

What is the best gadget you have ever bought?

My iPhone.

What is the worst gadget you have ever bought?

An HP Palmbook in the early nineties that had zero battery life. It was under-specked and heavy. Shortly after I bought one, HP got out of the business. I understood why.

What was your best ever investment?

I made the decision to seek guidance from a professional coach to help me grow and enhance my leadership skills, and better navigate the “rough seas” of the corporate world. That journey for me started quite recently and will continue for the next few years. It is critical we find coaches to help us work through the biases that exist in the world.

What was your worst ever investment?

The decisions I make are really critical, which is why I won’t easily take a risk on something important that can possibly have a bad outcome, especially when it comes to business and finances – but what I can say is that I once went for a spray tan and came out orange. It’s safe to say that will not be happening again any time soon.

What is the best business advice you have ever received?

Do not be scared to take your stance and do it proudly. After all, sticking to a decision, and learning from the outcome is what has made me the businesswoman I am today.

What business advice can you give to women looking to climb the corporate ladder?

The only reason I’ve got to where I am is because when I’ve made a decision, I stuck with it. So, my advice to women looking to climb the corporate ladder in any business is that if you make a decision, stick to it, and believe in it. Don’t go back and don’t doubt yourself.

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Working with Microsoft is an appealing place to be