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Prepare for Black Friday with Dimension Data

Black Friday is fast approaching, and your business needs to be prepared for massive increases in traffic.

This is according to Grant Morgan, General Manager for Cloud at Dimension Data.

However, the traditional strategy of purchasing hardware once-off to complement your existing system is no longer feasible – both economically and practically.

Instead, Morgan said that the cloud offers the best solution for ensuring that your website stays live on Black Friday.

“It’s not about renting a maximum capacity scenario, as no one truly knows how much traffic they will get on the day,” said Morgan.

This is where the cloud comes into its own, as it can dynamically scale according to your traffic to ensure your website doesn’t go down – even if you receive an unexpected wave of website visitors.

This is important because your customers will look upon your brand poorly if they can’t access the special deal you have promised.

Dimension Data

Dimension Data offers a variety of cloud services that will ensure that your website remains live on Black Friday.

To achieve this, Dimension Data first engages with you in a consultation to determine the correct architecture for your Black Friday website needs.

Part of this consultation involves working out the best way to migrate and optimise your website on the right cloud environment.

Dimension Data has relationships with Azure and AWS, as well as local private cloud providers – ensuring that you will get the best option for your business.

Next, Dimension Data will modernise your applications to use new microservices architectures, which will enable your website to scale automatically and in accordance with your needs.

“We have all the automations built to effectively ensure that your cloud applications are auto-scaling, leverage new processes, automate deployment in disaster recovery, and much more,” said Morgan.


According to Morgan, it’s not about whether your cloud solution is secure; rather, it is about whether you are operating your cloud solution securely.

“That’s part of what we do – consult and offer an advisory solution around multi cloud, look at the client’s requirements, and then help them choose the correct controls against a particular framework that we use.”

Morgan added that once these security measures are in place, Dimension Data can proactively look for threats and shut them down before they become bigger issues.

“We also offer Security Managed Services so if an incident takes place we can respond on behalf of the client and react accordingly. Often these things lie dormant and the real risk only appears much later,” said Morgan.

Experienced professionals

Many businesses try to operate their cloud solution themselves, but Morgan doesn’t recommend this.

“They often don’t know what they don’t know,” explained Morgan.

“Most first-time cloud users don’t have the operational tools, modern DevOps processes, and skills to effectively operate the cloud.”

“They can retrain, retool, but it takes time – and businesses are generally quite impatient if working around a deadline.”

This is why Morgan believes that it is a better decision to hand over your cloud management to a team who are experienced in the field, and have been developing their knowledge for years – such as Dimension Data.

Dimension Data, through its extensive experience and its partnership with global company NTT, has developed all of the appropriate platforms, processes, tools, and expertise to operate cloud environments optimally and at scale.

Dimension Data has acquired valuable certifications such as:

  • Azure Expert Managed Services Provider Certification
  • AWS Managed Services Certification

These are held at a global level, and mean that Dimension Data has been audited by Microsoft and AWS to be completely competent and proficient at operating a modern cloud environment.

This endorsement, combined with their passionate team and years of experience, makes Dimension Data the logical choice for your website this Black Friday.

Click here to learn more about how Dimension Data can help you this Black Friday.

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Prepare for Black Friday with Dimension Data