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Balwin Fibre – Looking forward for a brighter future

Balwin Fibre installs fast, high-quality, and reliable fibre in Balwin Properties estates, and is able to deliver connectivity to residents within seconds of them signing up.

Key to its success is that Balwin Fibre works with Balwin Properties from the start of a development, ensuring that the installation of fibre is prioritized during construction.

In their estates, the fibre infrastructure is installed before owners move into their new homes – including the pre-installation of fibre ONTs.

When a homeowner wants to activate their line, they simply access the Balwin Fibre customer portal, select their ISP and data account, and they are all set.

Quality first

Balwin Fibre was formed out of a need to deliver excellent connectivity services to residents in Balwin Properties estates.

The company’s ability to work with the property developer and install fibre while construction is taking place means that the fibre is treated as a utility and is factored into all planning.

This includes the laying of the fibre and its conduit through an estate to individual homes, the establishment of server rooms for enhanced performance, and ensuring that no construction needs to take place after residents have moved in.

Zaque Brookes, the Managing Director of Balwin Fibre, said they have seen excellent results with this development model, as it allows them to concentrate on high levels of quality control.

“We are able to triple-check our fibre infrastructure and its performance before completing a build,” said Brookes.

“This delivers a superior experience to our clients, as we are able to prioritize performance and quality.”

Partnerships are key

Brookes also emphasized the importance of partnerships to the success of Balwin Fibre.

The company works closely with Archetor Fibre Infrastructure and Civils – which installs and maintains their open-access fibre network – as well as the team at Adcomtec.

Working closely with ISPs is another key factor, as it has allowed Balwin Fibre to develop an ISP portal that provides a fast and simple sign-up process to new clients.

Additionally, Balwin Fibre is proud to announce that is has been developing future redundancy and protection systems on its network.

Brookes said Balwin Fibre is now able to move, repair or migrate a new node within their network without interrupting existing services.

“We are able to move 1,200 existing services in approximately 100 minutes. This means that if any point a node fails completely, we can have all services up and running in 1 hour and 40 minutes.”

Balwin Fibre’s levels of customer service are further enhanced by its network monitoring solutions, and there are minimal lead times for technicians to resolve any potential issues which occur on the network.

“Thanks to our dedicated team and partners, we continue to sign up new clients and deliver excellent connectivity services to them.” said Brookes.

For more information, visit the Balwin Fibre website.

This article was published in partnership with Balwin Fibre.

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Balwin Fibre – Looking forward for a brighter future