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Angola Cables showcases services at AfricaCom 2019

Angola Cables has made great strides over the last year, which include growing its South African customer base and launching a hub for undersea cables connecting Africa and America.

The company’s South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) connects Sangano in Angola to Fortaleza in Brazil, and it launched commercial services in September 2018.

Sangono, in turn, is connected to South Africa via several undersea cables to offer services locally.

Angola Cables CEO António Nunes said the combination of its South Atlantic Cable System and the MONET cable is a game-changer for the Southern hemisphere.

Not only does it open up a route for Internet traffic running from South America to Asia, via Africa, it also offers a lower latency route from Sub-Saharan Africa to North America.

This lower latency and improved service levels are behind many South African Internet service providers partnering with Angola Cables.

The company’s work in Africa was also recognised when it won the Global Connectivity for Africa Innovator of the Year award at the annual Datacloud Africa Awards.

Showcasing its capabilities at AfricaCom

Angola Cables is showcasing its services at the 2019 AfricaCom event, which includes the sharing of information about data transfer speeds across networks.

The company will also provide insights into international and local Internet and data transfer routings.

By visiting Angola Cables’ stand, delegates will be able to see and understand the impact of latency across different routings.

This article was published in partnership with Angola Cables.

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Angola Cables showcases services at AfricaCom 2019