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Euphoria Telecom launches a new cloud business phone system that leads the pack

Euphoria Telecom has just launched a new cloud-hosted telephone system that is revolutionising the way South African companies are doing business.

We chat with Euphoria’s CEO John Woollam to get the inside scoop on what’s on offer.


John, what makes Euphoria Telecom unique?


Euphoria has been in operation for nearly a decade and in that time we’ve been at the forefront of cloud-based business phone innovation. What makes us unique from other platforms is that our system was built in South Africa, for the South African marketplace, using international best practice methodologies combined with our own industry-leading technologies. The result is a robust and powerful platform that is beautiful to look at and simple to use.


You’ve recently launched the latest version of your Telephone Management System or TMS. Tell us about that.


Our Telephone Management System is the backbone of the Euphoria offering. It’s the backend platform through which our customers can control and analyse every aspect of their business phone setup. Think of it like this – what internet banking did for the banking industry is what we’ve done for business telecommunications. With online banking you no longer have to physically go into the bank to get something done. Instead you just logon and do what you need to do yourself, simply and instantly.

It’s the same with Euphoria. With us you simply logon to the TMS and you’ll have instant access to over 200 helpful features that you can then turn on or off at the click of a mouse. From setting up call recording to placing a budget on an extension, you can can control exactly how each phone line in your business functions. You can also access detailed data about what’s going on within your organisation in real time. Our TMS is more than a just a phone solution. It’s a brilliant workforce management tool that tells you exactly who is doing what within your company at any given moment.

We’ve just released our third version of the TMS and it’s now faster, easier and more efficient than ever before. It’s a genuine game changer that can take businesses of every size to the next level.


How have your customers reacted to the new TMS?


The response has been overwhelmingly good.

We have over 4,000 happy customers across the country that love our current platform and service. Our new TMS stems from an ongoing commitment to offering the best possible product at an affordable price.


Can you list the top 5 new features that the TMS offers?


Sure. There are loads of new features on offer but if I had to choose my top 5 they would be…

  1. Advanced security user management, ensuring users only have access to what they are allowed to see.
  2. Extension budgeting feature, allowing for per extension based budgeting management.
  3. Rich reporting and scheduled reporting providing businesses with all the key insights into their costs and customer experience.
  4. A mobile phone application that allows your team to work remotely. You can now put your deskphone in your pocket!
  5. A full call centre suite, with agent workspace, agent management, outbound dialers and lots of other great features.


The new TMS is now contact centre ready. Can you expand on that for us?


Our contact centre suite offers a number of options for either a feature-rich inbound call centre platform or outbound campaign management with custom integration options, or you can have both. It provides you with agent management, wallboards, multiple outbound dialers, call dispositioning, scripting, advanced analytics and a lot more.

Essentially, we have taken an on-site contact center system and put it into the cloud with a ton of new features and reports making it far more affordable and accessible to any size business. Best of all its all month-to-month and fully scalable to meet your requirements.

Watch the accompanying video to see what some of Euphoria’s customers have to say about them.

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Euphoria Telecom launches a new cloud business phone system that leads the pack