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IBM Storage solutions – The foundation for a hybrid multi-cloud world

In a fast-paced digital economy where knowledge is power, data is a valuable resource.

For the successful operation of modern businesses, it is therefore imperative to protect and manage data storage and data flows in a productive and cost-effective manner.

Few storage providers boast the resumé that multinational technology company IBM can showcase.

IBM is one of the pioneers of computer development and has been producing and selling hardware, middleware and software for decades.

Their product offering also includes leading hosting and storage solutions, which includes three products available from enterprise technology provider Tectight.

IBM Flash Storage

The IBM Storwize V7000 solution brings modern, fast, cost-efficient and scalable storage, supported by end-to-end NVMe support combined with IBM FlashCore technology.

The solution allows for five-times more data storage in the same footprint, which cuts capital and operational expenditure.

For high-capacity demand, businesses have the option of up to 720 drives, providing 32 petabytes of storage.

IBM Flash Storage technology also allows businesses to rapidly analyse the details of their data. This accelerates a business’s ability to obtain real-time value from this information to adapt and improve systems and optimise workflow.

In addition, IBM Storage Insights adds advanced AI-based storage resource management and its error-correcting code algorithm can detect and fix high bit rate errors, allowing for simplified data protection.

IBM Hybrid Storage

IBM Storage for the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform offers a comprehensive set of enterprise-ready tools and systems with flexible architectures that enable the implementation of a container-driven hybrid multi-cloud environment.

By unifying traditional and container-ready storage, IBM Hybrid Storage offers cloud-native agility, availability, reliability and security.

This platform simplifies the complex provisioning of persistent storage and eases the management of storage containers in production, while enabling the integration of automated processes.

The Platform is built on several key systems that work together to create the optimal multi-cloud:

  • Spectrum Virtualize-based FlashSystem 9100 and Storwize arrays for hybrid multi-cloud main storage.
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage for active archiving and cloud native applications.
  • Spectrum Scale for efficient file and unstructured data performance.
  • Spectrum Protect Suite for data protection and re-use.

These layered systems combine to benefit business systems in terms of scalable performance, container security, developer speed, and productivity and data availability.

IBM Storage Area Networks

IBM’s Storage Networking c-type 32Gbps Fabric Switches complement IBM’s Flash and Hybrid storage systems and offer several benefits to better manage your business’s networking needs.

C-type switches are known for their reliability in switching, performance and highly-available component design.

IBM’s c-type 32Gbps Fabric switches provide integrated SAN traffic analytics, with built-in network processors that can collect key metrics from IO flows from each connected device at wire speed, without affecting performance.

Enterprise-class features that are normally only available in high-end modular switches come standard in these devices.

These include slow drain isolation, link encryption and diagnostics, Virtual Machine Identity server and up to 8300 Buffer-to-Buffer (B2B) credits per port group.

Businesses will also benefit from lower costs thanks to the switches’ small form-factor at entry level and competitive prices on investment protection through technologies like the Fibre Channel-NVMe standard.

The switches are also simple to configure and manage through an onboard GUI. Interoperability is then supported with all existing installed bases of Fibre Channel switches and devices that operate at 4, 8, 16 and 32Gbps.

Tectight’s solutions

Tectight Enterprise Technologies, a provider of IT infrastructure and solutions since 2010, has earned IBM Gold Business Partner status.

Tectight’s team of certified engineers possesses vast storage expertise and can provide professional advice on what products will best suit your business’s requirements.

Tectight will assist your business in choosing the correct IBM storage solutions, keeping the cost manageable and accommodating your business’s workloads.

This article was published in partnership with IBM Tectight.

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IBM Storage solutions – The foundation for a hybrid multi-cloud world