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Uncapped fibre from R399 – Balwin Fibre Black Friday release

Balwin Fibre now offers users uncapped and unshaped fibre from R399 per month.

Through select ISPs which operate on its network, clients can sign up for a 4Mbps/1Mbps uncapped fibre account for R399.

This special will be available until further notice – and is only available in selected Balwin estates.

“We have noticed a gap in the market and need to adapt in order to give our clients an affordable fibre offering,” said Zaque Brookes, Balwin Fibre Managing Director

Speeds up to 200Mbps

Balwin Fibre has also announced that it is opening its network to support 200Mbps symmetrical fibre line speeds.

This will allow users to achieve download and upload speeds of up to 200Mbps.

The move expands Balwin Fibre’s line speed options to the following (download/upload):

  • 4Mbps / 1Mbps
  • 10Mbps / 10Mbps
  • 20Mbps / 20Mbps
  • 50Mbps / 50Mbps
  • 100Mbps / 100Mbps
  • 200Mbps /200Mbps

10Mbps uncapped Balwin Fibre packages start at R499 per month, while clients can access a 200Mbps uncapped account for as low as R1,258 per month.

Visit the Balwin Fibre website to find out more.

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Uncapped fibre from R399 – Balwin Fibre Black Friday release