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Get international Black Friday deals with Aramex and Standard Bank

Black Friday is around the corner, and in the global society we live in, your shopping is no longer limited to local stores.

Expanding your bargain hunting to ecommerce platforms from other countries is a great way to find some truly outstanding deals.

However, many may be concerned that leveraging these deals is too expensive or risky.

Some global online retailers don’t ship to South Africa, while others do, but only offer a postal delivery option.

For South Africans looking for a better option when it comes to international Black Friday shopping, there is an obvious solution – Aramex Global Shopper.

How it works

Aramex can be used with absolutely any ecommerce store that is located in one of the 25+ countries that they support – including the US, UK, and China.

To use the service, simply use the Aramex global shopper delivery address provided for the relevant country.

Once the purchase arrives at Aramex’s delivery address, they will inform you that they have received the parcel. They will then courier the package to your doorstep.

Aramex takes care of the red tape, including customs clearance – you simply pay them online for the shipping and customs charges.


Aramex’s pricing is incredibly affordable – which is of great importance considering that you are looking to save money during Black Friday. Their website even has a rate calculator which allows you to determine how much your shipping will cost – ensuring that you don’t have any surprises.

Their delivery is speedy and efficient, offering a great alternative to the postal service. You can use your tracking number to learn more about the status and expected timeline for your delivery, and can sign up to AGS Protect to ensure that your money is safe against any loss or damage to your purchase.

AGS Protect is free for shipments that cost up to $100, and thereafter cost just $1 for every $100 you have spent.

Aramex Global Shopper also has a feature-rich app, available on iOS and Android, which allows you to:

  • Monitor your shipments.
  • Receive push notifications.
  • Access your Aramex Global Shopper account.
  • Find the nearest Aramex Global Shopper Office.

Aramex also offers a full money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with their service – although this is highly unlikely to be the case.

Great deal for Standard Bank users

Standard Bank and Aramex have partnered to offer a fantastic deal for Standard Bank customers.

Standard Bank Credit, Debit, and Virtual Card Customers will receive R100 off their lifetime membership to the AGS Basic Service – meaning that it will only cost these customers R50 to join.

These users will also receive R100 off the shipping charge of their first shipment with Aramex Global Shopper if they load their card to their profile and enable AutoPay.

To take advantage of this great offer, simply apply a promo code at checkout when signing up for Aramex Global Shopper. This promo code is the first six digits of your card, followed by the word “JOIN” – eg 012345JOIN.

Click here to sign up to Aramex Global Shopper.

This article was published in partnership with Aramex.

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Get international Black Friday deals with Aramex and Standard Bank