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Get the best video conferencing service for your business

Connection Telecom offers South African businesses an excellent video conferencing service at an affordable price.

Video conferencing has many advantages for a business, including improved collaboration between teams and saving on travel costs for meetings.

It is a powerful tool which can improve productivity and is a must-have for businesses with offices in more than one location.

While there are many free video conferencing tools, poor service levels can make the experience unpleasant and unproductive.

This is why Connection Telecom built its Cloud Video Conferencing solutions, which guarantee uptime, eliminate latency spikes, and ensure excellent video quality.

Vidyo technology

Connection Telecom’s video conferencing solution uses Vidyo’s world-leading technology and Connection Telecom’s cloud infrastructure hosted at Teraco.

Vidyo technology is end-point aware and understands the impact of network speed, screen resolution, and CPU load on the service.

The technology also actively optimises the video stream for each device to produce the best possible experience, and it is also completely platform agnostic.

This means it supports virtually any device with a camera and Internet connection.

Quick and affordable

What makes Connection Telecom’s video conferencing solution particularly attractive to businesses is its cost-effective scalability.

It is quick and affordable to increase or decrease capacity based on the demands of the business.

A video conference can be set up in moments and accepting meeting requests can be done via email.

Additionally, by hosting the service in Connection Telecom’s cloud the turnaround time is almost instantaneous – and reduces costs.

For more information, visit: Connection Telecom Cloud Video Conferencing

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Get the best video conferencing service for your business