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MyBroadband – Where ICT decision makers read the news

MyBroadband is the biggest ICT website in South Africa, and it is where ICT decision makers go to read the latest news, research industry trends, and learn more about the South African market.

The MyBroadband news website and online forum are home to the country’s largest ICT community, with CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, IT executives and managers, directors, business owners, and IT decision makers visiting every day.

Every month MyBroadband is read by:

  • CTOs and CIOs – 21,000
  • CEOs – 67,000
  • Executive Directors – 225,000
  • IT Executives – 322,000
  • IT Managers – 829,000
  • IT Decision Makers – 1,400,000

ICT influencers and consumer champions are also a cornerstone of MyBroadband’s audience – and dictate which products and services their family and friends use.

“MyBroadband is the most dominant ICT news website in South Africa and has by far the largest audience,” said MyBroadband Business MD Kevin Lancaster.

“It is the only option for companies to reach South Africa’s entire ICT community in one place.”

MyBroadband events

MyBroadband’s dominance in the ICT market extends to its events, which are attended by industry leaders and decision makers.

The annual flagship event – the MyBroadband Conference and Expo – is the largest ICT conference in the country which focuses on the South African market, and attracts 3,000 delegates each year.

MyBroadband also hosts annual Cloud, FinTech, Banking, Mobile, and Security conferences – all of which are sold-out events every year.

The dominant ICT player

The graphic below clearly shows how large MyBroadband is in the ICT market, and the dominant position it holds, based on monthly unique South African browsers.


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MyBroadband – Where ICT decision makers read the news