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Axxess Fixed LTE on MTN and Telkom – What you need to know

Fixed-LTE packages are a quick and easy way to get connected, especially if you do not have fibre coverage at home or need a fast back-up connection.

Leading ISP Axxess offers a range of fixed-LTE packages on both the MTN and Telkom networks – with data caps and prices to suit your usage needs.

While both sets of products provide clients with fixed-LTE connectivity, there are differences between the packages which run on MTN and those which run on Telkom.

The differences

The main difference between the MTN and Telkom fixed-LTE packages is that:

  • MTN SIMs are locked to a specific LTE tower. The Telkom SIM will not be locked.
  • Only select LTE routers are approved for use on the MTN LTE network. Telkom does not limit which routers can be used to access its LTE network.

The Telkom and MTN fixed-LTE packages also differ in price.

The tables below show the differences in price, and data caps, of the SIM-only fixed-LTE packages available from Axxess.


MTN LTE Package Price P/M
30GB+30GB R199
60GB+60GB R349
100GB+100GB R549
150GB+150GB R749

Telkom Fixed LTE

Telkom LTE Package Price P/M
10GB+10GB R99
20GB+20GB R199
40GB+40GB R299
60GB+60GB R399
80GB+80GB R499
120GB+120GB R699
220GB+220GB R999

Axxess also offers fixed-LTE deals which include an LTE router – for a once-off hardware fee.

Visit the Axxess website to learn more about its fixed-LTE packages.

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Axxess Fixed LTE on MTN and Telkom – What you need to know