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How to get an obligation free valuation on your car

Knowing what your car is really worth is an important factor to take into account when looking to sell your car.

Everyone has their own perceptions and uses their own insights to determine the value of a vehicle.

WeBuyCars has been using their ever-evolving car valuation system for more than 20 years and places great importance on determining the true value of a vehicle.

How WeBuyCars determines what your car is worth

WeBuyCars takes various factors into account when evaluating a vehicle, which include:

  • The condition of the car.
  • The kilometres on the car’s odometer.
  • The age and depreciation of the car.
  • The demand for the car.

WeBuyCars’ vehicle valuation process

1. Getting a vehicle valuation and estimate offer

After completing WeBuyCars’ online Get Valuation form with your vehicle’s basic information, they are able to determine your vehicle’s estimate value.

The estimate value is calculated and determined by the experienced and qualified role players in their buying department who specialise in vehicle valuations.

Every factor is taken into account, along with WeBuyCars’ unique historical database and statistical algorithms to ensure every offer is calculated accurately.

You will receive the estimate offer via email and SMS, once the entire buying team is satisfied with the offer.

2. Getting a vehicle evaluation and final offer

When you accept the estimate offer for your vehicle, one of WeBuyCars’ professional buyers will contact you and arrange to come and inspect your vehicle when and where it is convenient for you.

During the physical vehicle evaluation, the buyer will assess your vehicle in depth to determine the condition of the vehicle and to ensure the information provided in the form corresponds with the information captured during the vehicle inspection.

After the evaluation and after the vehicle has been taken for a test drive, WeBuyCars will make a final offer on your vehicle.

When you accept the final offer, the buyer will take care of all the paperwork and you will receive immediate payment. This can all be done within one hour!

With WeBuyCars, you have peace of mind knowing that they use a combination of scientific algorithms and qualified, experienced buyers to determine your car’s worth.

Get an obligation free Vehicle Valuation for your car, today.

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How to get an obligation free valuation on your car