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Cape Town’s awesome VR experience centre

Virtual reality equipment has come a long way in recent years, with companies producing high end VR headsets and investing in quality content to go with it. Together with popularity of VR increasing, there is now a vast amount of media content and games to experience in VR.

Virtual Realms Arcade is here to give you a taste of the latest VR experiences using the HTC VIVE headsets powered by their high-performance computers. Now anyone can enjoy the full immersion of VR with free roam tracking and hyper-realistic graphics across a vast range of games.

Virtual Realms offer a premium VR gaming experience at the Canal Walk Shopping Centre in Cape Town that is a must-try.

What’s on offer?

Virtual Realms Arcade offers six Room Scale Booths, allowing a group of friends to experience a multiplayer game together or each person can “Choose Your Own Realm” with over 50 awesome games to choose from.

Virtual Realms also offers competitive racing with Project Cars 2 and motion simulated seats to enhance the experience as you traverse the various tracks and courses.

These games take the VR gaming experience to the next level, and the experience is the first of its kind in Cape Town.

But wait there’s more!

While there is already an incredible amount of awesome gaming to be done at Virtual Realms Arcade, they’re now expanding the horizon by venturing into VR E-Sports. Coming in December is an incredibly exciting game called Tower Tag, which is similar to playing laser tag – except in VR.

Tower Tag will be powered by 6 new HTC VIVE PROs which support an upgraded tracking system and better resolution in the headsets for crisper visuals.

To make the experience truly unbeatable, Tower Tag is simulated using a real-world tower prop, laser gun and there are also plans on offering gamers haptic feedback vests so you will feel every tag!

This will be the first experience of its kind in Africa – Perfect for a party or large group looking for something new to do in Cape Town!

Virtual Realms also plans on launching a competitive e-sports league for Tower Tag, alongside a racing league where casual and competitive racing enthusiasts can get together.

Book your VR experience

Virtual Realms is your way into VR gaming and seeks to provide you with the most immersive entertainment on the market.

Visit their website to learn more about this incredible gaming experience or to book your gaming session.

Visit Virtual Realms’ YouTube channel to view more.

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Cape Town’s awesome VR experience centre