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MyPlace – Making smart technology affordable

We already know how much convenience and efficiency have been brought to our lives by smartphones – and smart homes are the next logical step.

What we want is to make our lives more comfortable, more convenient, more glamorous and yet simpler.

The luxury we relish from the benefits of a smart home far outweigh the costs, like the difference between the first smartphone and the Nokia 3310.

Once we see the value of the benefits, we will happily start choosing which elements of the smart home we need.


MyPlace, developed by Advantage Air, has recently launched a revolutionary Smart Home Starter Pack.

The MyPlace Smart Home Starter pack connects into the existing wiring of your house. It allows you the chance to tap into your home’s technology and connect to your house in a fresh new way.

The system includes a wired-in tablet, control box and a connection box for 6 circuits.

You will have access to control 6 elements of your choice in your home. Be it the lights in 6 rooms or 5 rooms and garage door – MyPlace gives you the comfort of control.

Building an ecosystem

With the MyPlace app, you can control the elements in your home from the couch, from work or anywhere around the world and works with most smart phones and tablets.

MyPlace makes smart technology affordable by working with your existing elements in your home such as lights, garage doors, fans and blinds.

MyPlace creates a scalable ecosystem in your home, so if you outgrow the MyPlace Smart Home Starter Pack, you can choose to add on more control.

MyPlace scheduling makes day-to-day life easier, it is simple to set up and use.

Scheduling the system will allow you to switch items on and off automatically, either when you are away or at home. It can save you money, make you feel secure, or just make life easier.

Adding value to your home

Smart home technology is fast becoming a must have.

By installing MyPlace now, you get to enjoy the comfort and control of living in a connected home. And if you decide to sell, your home is even more appealing to buyers.

MyPlace adds value in the short term; and in the long term, it protects the value of your home.

A house with smart home technology will sell quicker than one without. If you are moving into a new home now, you would probably sell in about 7 to 10 years’ time.

By then, smart home technology will be far more advanced than it is now, and likely to be part of most homes.

Selling your home then, could pose problems, as you would need to sell in a market where your home can compete.

If you are putting in technology now, that can update itself, you won’t be stuck with a home that does not have what people are looking for in 7-10 years.

If you want to protect the value of your home, have practical everyday benefits and feel magnificent at home, then the luxury of a smart home is worth spending on.

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MyPlace – Making smart technology affordable