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Micro Focus and Zensar announce new partnership

Micro Focus and Zensar have announced that they will be partnering on Micro Focus’s application modernisation projects.

The traditional approach to modernisation would see businesses completely replace their systems if they required a new solution.

However, Micro Focus’s Modernisation Maturity Model encourages the use of more strategic measures to upgrade and adapt business platforms and applications rather than completely replacing them.

The IDC has noted that such new modernisation strategies can offer a big increase to business value in the form of agility, new business capabilities, and a reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and risk.

A productive partnership

Durga Prasad, AVP and Global Head of Modernisation Practice at Zensar, said that both parties will bring great value to the partnership.

“Micro Focus will be supporting the partnership by providing the necessary enablement and access to the software for Zensar resources,” said Prasad.

“Zensar will be investing in the partnership by developing a Micro Focus-specific Common Operating Environment (COE) and conducting joint events with customers in the region.”

As part of this COE, Zensar will be providing end-to-end Enterprise modernisation and application integration, focusing specifically on allowing for digital agility while simultaneously ensuring that core systems remain stable during the modernisation process via the leverage of legacy integration services.

Prasad said that it made sense for Micro Focus to partner with Zensar on the project due to Zensar’s extensive reach, skills and experience.

“Zensar has a strong existing customer base with access to the customer leadership teams across South Africa. Zensar also has strong capabilities of customer domain expertise in BFSI, Retail and MFG with large delivery teams performing delivery in an onsite-offshore model.”

Gary de Menezes, Managing Director of Micro Focus South Africa, said that the partnership is important to Micro Focus’s local operations.

“It is important for us at Micro Focus South Africa to work with world-leading companies, which is why we are delighted to announce our partnership with Zensar,” said de Menezes.

“Many South African companies are positioned to engage in the modernisation of their systems, making this partnership with Zensar important and timely for Micro Focus South Africa.”

Micro Focus, as an entity which offers an end-to-end portfolio of solutions to businesses, is expertly situated to help businesses implement modernisation strategies that best suit these businesses’ individual needs.

“Micro Focus has a matured product base which helps customers to address their current IT challenges,” said Prasad.

Application modernisation

Application modernisation can be required for a variety of reasons, including the need to access more scenarios, the digitisation of an application, or the complete transferral of an application to new IT infrastructure or architecture.

The process of application modernisation is business-specific, and can range across the following:

  • Modernisation of the application experience
  • Modernisation of the access method
  • Driving integration and automation
  • Modernising the actual application code
  • Making monolithic application functions available to external services
  • Modernising application development processes

Through efficient modernisation, businesses can optimise their processes and remain technologically prepared for future technologies that can take them to the next level.

Modernisation Maturity Model

To further help businesses to embrace modernisation, Micro Focus has launched the industry’s first Modernisation Maturity Model, which is a best practice approach that has been refined by Micro Focus through thousands of engagements with its customers.

The Micro Focus model helps businesses to ensure that they do not miss out on any crucial details when assessing their current situation, while also offering valuable assistance with achieving their modernisation goals.

The Modernisation Maturity Model allows businesses to view modernisation through a variety of ways and provide various benefits to these businesses including:

  • Better alignment of stakeholders with the company’s modernisation vision.
  • Practical evaluation of the options available to optimise business applications.
  • Increased accuracy of return-on-investment assessments throughout the modernisation process.

In combination with the Modernisation Maturity Model as a planning mechanism, customers can also access the Micro Focus Modernisation solution – which is a comprehensive suite of enterprises technologies that help customers to implement their plans.

This technology is premised on the concept of protecting your company’s strategic IT investments, rather than replacing them.

Click here to learn more about Micro Focus’s Modernisation Maturity Model

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Micro Focus and Zensar announce new partnership