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How to stay online during load-shedding

Unexpected Internet outages happen far too often in South Africa due to load shedding.

When this happens, many people are surprised at just how much they rely on the Internet every day.

However, if your business depends on being online, then it’s recommended that you invest in a reliable secondary Internet connection this year.

For instance, if your primary Internet service is ADSL or fibre, you might consider implementing a mobile data solution as a backup.

The cost of a backup internet service can vary based on a business’s budget and bandwidth needs.

In many cases, the secondary connection, since it is a backup, doesn’t need to be as expensive as the primary one.

The best low-cost solution for emergency situations

One low-cost solution that is perfect for emergency situations is LTE failover.

While a full backup Internet connection is the most sure-fire way to avoid a loss of productivity due to Internet outage, the cost can be prohibitive for some businesses – especially smaller ones.

For these businesses, LTE failover is a great option for a lifeline connection in the event of an Internet outage.

This solution involves using an LTE data service and a rechargeable MiFi router as a backup Internet connection in the event of a service interruption.

Axxess offers a Fixed LTE Data SIM and a portable MiFi router which will keep you connected during load shedding or when your primary Internet connection is down.

What’s more is that it will only set you back R99 per month for 10GB + 10GB. Click here to view more data packages.

The best primary connection to have in 2020

Fibre is still by far the best way to be connected. Axxess Fibre Internet services have no thresholds, no throttling and no shaping – offering you an ultra-fast, undiluted fibre experience.

You can you get uncapped fibre starting from only R399 p/m and up to R5,000 in value if you sign up for any Axxess Fibre service today.

This includes free installation, connection and a free router.

If you don’t have access to ADSL or fibre-to-the-home, you can always get Fixed LTE connectivity for your home or office.

Fixed LTE is a great connectivity solution, as it’s simple, easy, affordable and can be self-installed. No fixed line installation is needed.

Axxess also offers MTN Fixed LTE SIM-Only services starting from only R199 per month for 30GB + 30GB.

Wondering what’s best for your business?

Each individual business’s workflow and budget can help determine the best option for their primary and secondary Internet service.

To find the best option for your business today, you can visit the Axxess website and contact them today.

This article was published in partnership with Axxess.

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How to stay online during load-shedding