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7 amazing MyBroadband stats for Digital Marketers

Are you looking to grow your online marketing reach and put your company in front of South Africa’s biggest ICT audience?

Then you should consider MyBroadband – the largest ICT news website in South Africa.

Founded in 2003, MyBroadband is the market leader in the ICT space and continues to grow its reach every year.

Added to this is the fact that online marketing provides the best return on investment for South African companies.

To find out more, let’s dive into some interesting facts about MyBroadband.

Readers love short articles

The majority of readers prefer articles of 150-200 words, and many will only read the first 150 words of an article before navigating off the page.

This means that if you want to deliver a message, it must be concise and informative. If you do run a longer article, the most important information must be at the beginning.

The heat maps below show where readers look at their screens when reading an article online.


Click-through rates on links in articles are super high

The online marketing industry is used to receiving an average click-through rate (CTR) of 0.15% for their display banners.

Links in MyBroadband articles blow this CTR away, and can range from 1%-2% all the way up to 10%-15%.


MyBroadband has a healthy split between PC and mobile views

MyBroadband has a healthy split between mobile and desktop users.

66% of readers use a smartphone to access MyBroadband, while 34% of users are on a desktop or laptop PC.

The high percentage of PC users is thanks to MyBroadband being the website of choice for IT professionals and executives.


Social media channels give content big reach

When its comes to sharing content on social media, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn give MyBroadband content a huge reach.

MyBroadband shares articles to its Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages every day – and has built a large following as a result.

MyBroadband’s Facebook page has over 112,000 followers, while the Twitter and LinkedIn pages have 100,000 and 30,000 followers respectively.

Facebook logo on mobile

MyBroadband has millions of readers

Over 2.5 million unique South African browsers visit MyBroadband each month.

These readers view over 9 million pages every month and engage in a ton of commenting and content sharing.

This makes MyBroadband by far the largest ICT news website in the country, serving both business and consumer audiences.


Readers trust online articles above everything else

According to feedback from South African professionals, online articles and reviews are the most-used and most-trusted marketing channels for purchasing decisions.

What this means is that before an IT professional buys a product or service, they are almost guaranteed to first read an online article or review before making a decision.

These findings were included in the 2020 South African Tech Marketing Report, which can accessed here.

Article Audience

People love competitions

People love winning great prizes, and MyBroadband’s competitions are proof of this.

Competitions run by MyBroadband are a great way to get an audience to engage with your company, and are often run in partnership with well-known South African brands.

The number of people taking part in MyBroadband’s competitions has grown year-on-year – with the latest “Speed Test” giveaway attracting just under 1,000 entries in a less than a week.


Find out more

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7 amazing MyBroadband stats for Digital Marketers