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1MORE TWS In-Ear Headphones – An awesome listening experience

In-ear headphones have become a must-have tech gadget due to their portability, ease of use, exceptional battery life, and audiophile-grade audio quality.

1MORE recently launched its new TWS ANC In-Ear Headphones to critical acclaim, including being awarded the Innovation Award at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020.

These in-ear headphones stand out as a great option for anyone wanting high-quality in-ear headphones packed with features and exceptional audio quality.

Syntech, the South African distributor of 1MORE products, provided us with a review unit of these TWS in-ear headphones, and we were blown away by them.

They are available exclusively at OneDayOnly for R3,499


These TWS in-ear headphones look and feel great thanks to their cutting-edge design.

This is why they were awarded the Innovation Award at CES 2020 – which is given to products that stand out for their intuitive and innovative design. There are buttons on each in-ear headphone that allow you to control volume, song selection, phone calls, and voice assistants. You can also use touch control to ensure that you can filter through three ANC levels.

One of these levels filters out unwanted noise up to 35dB, while a second level filters out noise up to 20dB. The final option is to not enable ANC at all – which is called Pass-Through.

These in-ear headphones also offer wired charging (using a Type-C connection) as well as wireless charging (Qi).

The Type-C connection in particular is a notable improvement from previous generations of these in-ear headphones, as USB Type-C is an improved technology able to transmit significantly more power than the previous-generation Micro USB.

This enables fast charging functionality, meaning you can power your in-ear headphones for up to 2 hours of use after charging them for just 15 minutes.

When fully-charged, these TWS in-ear headphones along with their charging case offer an incredible 22 hours playtime, or 65 hours on standby. This means that you shouldn’t need to be charging these every day.

When using the 1MORE TWS ANC In-Ear Headphones, these design choices and features make it clear that they were designed and created meticulously, ensuring that users receive only the best possible product.


While the functionality is great, this doesn’t count for much if the audio quality is subpar.

Thankfully this is not the case at all – these TWS in-ear headphones offer absolutely fantastic sound quality that has been tuned by a Grammy award-winner.

When listening to music or making a call, it’s obvious that this isn’t your run of the mill audio device. The quality is simply breath-taking.

This is due to 1MORE’s hybrid dual driver design, which uses a balanced armature and a second, dynamic driver to deliver incredible audio performance. 1MORE’s patented balanced armature is expertly designed to handle high frequencies, while the dynamic driver deals with the lower sounds – combining to improve remarkable sound quality.

These TWS in-ear headphones also house a Qualcomm chip that offers Bluetooth 5 connectivity – ensuring that there is a reliable and speed connection that minimises power usage.

It is compatible with aptX and AAC, ensuring that you are provided with crystal-clear stereo sound on Android, and fast, high-quality hi-fi sound when using an iOS device.

In addition, these TWS in-ear headphones sport dual Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) microphones which use complementary technologies to ensure that noises of a broader range of frequencies can be filtered out.

The feedforward (outside) ANC microphone is designed to catch and filter environmental noises, while the feedback (inside) microphone captures in-ear noises.

A dedicated digital signal processor combines with these microphones to offer incredible noise cancelling functionality.

When testing these in-ear headphones in my office, I found myself completely tuned out of my surroundings thanks to the effective ANC technology, allowing me to work without distractions while enjoying crisp, clear background music.

Conclusion and photos

There may be many competing products on the market, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find any that can compete with the overall quality and innovation found in the 1MORE TWS ANC In-Ear Headphones.

Because these in-ear headphones are so new, they boast the latest and most innovative technologies – meaning that they compete favourably when compared to other new, high-end products in the same market.

It is no coincidence that these audio devices were an honoree at the CES 2020 innovation awards – they are a breath of fresh air in the in-ear headphone market.

The 1MORE ANC TWS In-Ear Headphones have just launched locally, and are now available exclusively at OneDayOnly for R3,499 – a great price when compared to its competition.

OneDayOnly will also be offering a variety of specials on 1MORE products to celebrate the launch of these flagship in-ear headphones – so keep your eyes peeled.

Once the exclusive launch has ended, the 1MORE TWS In-Ear Headphones will be available at all other major retailers – both online and in-store. Head to 1MORE’s local website to learn more.

Click here to view and purchase the 1MORE TWS In-Ear Headphones on OneDayOnly’s online store.

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1MORE TWS In-Ear Headphones – An awesome listening experience