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Mexem – Making investing better

A new stockbroker entered the South African market in 2017. With its fresh and compelling offering, Mexem is pioneering a new era in offshore investing for South African investors.

What is Mexem

Mexem is an online trading platform which has been present in the South African market since 2017. Mexem is a partner of Interactive Brokers, the largest online trading platform in the USA.

This has enabled Mexem to bring South African investors the same service and fees as is offered to international investors.

Mexem provides investors with a platform to easily and affordably trade stocks. Investors can trade for their own account or use a broker.

Mexem has already gained impressive traction in the South African market. The company already has hundreds of clients locally, and due to the quality of its offering, it boasts an impressive client retention rate of more than 95%.

Why choose Mexem as your stockbroker

Mexem, through its award-winning platform, enables investors to access and trade on over 120 global markets in 26 different currencies.

What further differentiates Mexem is its extremely competitive fees. Mexem charges a minimum fee per trade of only US$1, and a commission of US$0,005 per share purchased (for shares listed in the USA).

Many South African stockbrokers charge a minimum fee of US$20 per trade, meaning Mexem charges up to 95% less. We encourage you to look at your current provider’s fee structure – we think you may get a fright at how much you are being charged.

Mexem does not charge clients management fees, unlike most other offerings out there. No trading – no fees.

This makes Mexem a vastly more affordable option than operating through most brokers, meaning more money is left in your investment portfolio every month.

Mexem’s service

Mexem’s trading platform can be accessed directly by all investors from any desktop computer or mobile device.

Mexem aims to provide its clients with the best client service. The company provides call centre assistance 6 days a week, giving their clients the support and service that they require.

Mexem also provides clients with personalised reports and feedback and is on call to provide trading advice to clients.

For the technical investor, Mexem has advanced in-house developed tools to assist with trading and provides many trading tips and tools for free.

A word from Itai Liptz, CEO of Mexem

“The South African investment industry is lagging the rest of the world, especially regarding the high fees charged to investors.

While other fees, such as those for international calling, have reduced dramatically, fees charged by asset managers and stockbrokers remain elevated.

“Mexem is focused on making investing better for the investor: offering a quality product at an exceptional price,” said Liptz.

“While Mexem is already one of the most affordable investment platforms in the market, Mexem is still aiming to make investing even more affordable for customers.”

“In the US, many brokers have made their investment platforms zero-commission services. That’s where the world is going, and we hope to achieve this in 2020.”

Visit to start your investing journey with the stockbroker changing the game for South African investors.

This article was published in partnership with Mexem.

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Mexem – Making investing better