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Evotel brings Fibre to Rustenburg

Evotel, an open-access fibre network operator that already operates in areas such as Krugersdorp and Randfontein, is expanding its network to serve Internet users from Rustenburg.

This installation is taking place using an aerial deployment, and has received the blessing of the local municipality to use some of its infrastructure – including light and electricity poles.

However, Evotel will also be installing additional poles when the network requires it.

This strategy makes for an efficient installation process, allowing Evotel to get Rustenburg connected to lightning-fast fibre as quickly as possible.

Fibre packages

Evotel is a trusted fibre network provider, with various popular ISPs offering fibre packages through its network.

This is largely down to the fact that Evotel doesn’t close its network to an individual ISP.

“We offer an open-access network, which means we have multiple internet service providers operating on our network that offer their packages at competitive prices,” said Evotel.

Evotel targets estate, complex, and single dwelling units – allowing residences of these types within coverage to decide for themselves whether they wish to connect to Evotel’s network and harness the incredible speed of fibre.

Evotel prides itself on offering customers the following:

  • World class data speeds – Evotel offers speeds of up to 1Gbps.
  • Low latency
  • Stable connections
  • Strict conformance to SLA
  • Friendly service

Rustenburg rollout

Evotel’s rollout into Rustenburg will provide many residents with lightning-fast internet, improving their digital lives.

At a townhall engagement, Evotel was met with great excitement by locals about the upcoming fibre installation.

Another great aspect of the Rustenburg rollout is that schools will be provided fibre connections for no cost by Evotel – just another way that Evotel is showing its commitment to serving the local community.

Evotel’s Rustenburg rollout will allow customers to choose between a variety of ISPs, again leveraging the power of open-access fibre provision.

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To see if your area is covered by Evotel’s fibre network, click here to view the coverage map.

If you are covered, click here to learn more about the range of deals from ISPs offering packages on Evotel’s network.

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Evotel brings Fibre to Rustenburg