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SYSPRO Harmony – The social ERP that has everyone talking

As we enter 2020 over 50% of the workforce is under the age of 40 and entering the workforce in ever-increasing numbers.

These employees are highly familiar with popular social media platforms, and this offers the opportunity to evolve the ERP experience.

Such an evolution could result in an increase in interaction between employees and data by making these interactions more accessible and fun.

This, in turn, can increase employee productivity, satisfaction, and responsiveness.

SYSPRO Harmony – The benefits

SYSPRO Harmony is a great way to increase synergy within your workforce across employees, divisions, branches, and even countries from within your SYSPRO ERP system.

It offers the following benefits:

  • Increased engagement – By using an interface that is familiar to employees, it makes it easier for employees to use and engage with the platform, data, and colleagues effectively.
  • Drive collaboration – Encourage your employees to communicate with each other by connecting them in a way that is simple to use.
  • Keep in touch – Ensure that everyone can be contacted easily if it is necessary – such as in the case of a client emergency.
  • Improved responsiveness – Easily share important insights and data with co-workers to solve problems faster. This is enabled by a centralised data model – allowing for decision-making power at your fingertips.
  • Notice trends – Proactively address trends within your business thanks to easily-accessible insights.

SYSPRO Harmony – Capabilities

Harmony offers a variety of powerful capabilities that can significantly improve how your staff works – allowing your business to thrive and staff to remain happy.

Collaboration is a key focus of SYSPRO Harmony, and this is made incredibly easy and enjoyable thanks to the social media-styled system that Harmony uses.

Much like with traditional social media platforms, communications are instant and simple to access – making it easy to access information and stay informed.

Useful features such as text complete functionality, suggestive text, and personalised messages that inform users of anything they’ve missed, typify the intuitive nature of this platform.

Through Harmony, users have full and secure access to data stored within their company’s SYSPRO databases, and can even submit queries for this data within their newsfeed.

Images can be shared, messages can be referenced or highlighted, and so much more – it’s truly a fun experience!

There is also the opportunity to detect user sentiment which ensures that any negative feelings among your staff can be addressed timeously before they turn into something bigger.

This sentiment is discovered by using visual cues, which can then be detected and analysed to reveal the tone of customer responses and interactions – allowing you to break down small issues before they become a major problem.

Shift your ERP experience and discover the benefits of collaboration with SYSPRO harmony.

Click here to learn more about SYSPRO Harmony.

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SYSPRO Harmony – The social ERP that has everyone talking